Firefox for Android Gets Enhanced Reading Abilities with New Extension

The first extension, Privacy Badger, hides the user’s email address from websites when signing up. This preventsunauthorized users from accessing personal information. Remove Tracking allows the user toremove tracking elements before sharing a URL with others, which can improve privacy and security. The third extension,, adds an “Interesting Articles” section to Firefox for readingenlightening and informative content. These are just three of Mozilla’s 57 extensions for Androidweb browser; there are many more that offer improvements and enhancements to web surfing onAndroid.

Firefox Relay has been very popular in recent years, as it allows you to protect your email address and privacy. However, Firefox Relay also comes with a premium service that offers more features and flexibility.

For a lot of people, tracking cookies and other garbage that companies embed in websites is the worst part of using the Internet. Luckily, there are ways to clean up your URLs so that trackers can’t follow you around like a lost pup. Mozilla’s new ClearURL extension added to the add-on store helps make this process easier by scrubbing away all those pesky tracker symbols and numbers. Not only does this improve your privacy protection, but it also makes your URLs shorter and more user-friendly.

Firefox is a popular web browser that was created by the Mozilla Foundation in 1998. It is open source software and has a large user

Practically speaking, Firefox for Android is gaining many more features that make it a better choice as an internet browser. Extensions like the ReadAloud extension take advantage of text-to-speech technology to let you listen to articles while browsing. Additionally, Firefox for Android is getting updates that make it faster and more secure, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to browse the web privately and securely.

But as Mozilla is working on a Gecko-based browser for iOS, they are looking into the possibility of Apple allowing other browsers on their platform in the future. This would be a great way to compete against Safari and make sure their users have the best possible browsing experience.

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