when writing a C.V How to Write an Effective C.V.

Startups are often described as machines that build MVPs (minimum viable products) that help answer questions and gradually de-risk the value proposition of the company. This is a valuable process because it allows startups to focus on their core product and eliminate any unnecessary guesswork. By answering early customer questions, startups can quickly develop a strong understanding of their market demand, enabling them to make more informed decisions about future product development and growth.

Founders must always ask themselves a single question: “What problem am I solving?” Without answering this question, it becomes very difficult to grow successful. By focusing on whatever problem they see as important, startups can dedicate all of their resources towards creating an MVP that solves that issue.

At a startup, it’s crucial to get the product out there as quickly as possible. This often means shipping code even if it isn’t perfect. The key is to overcome the tendency to over-engineer in order to be sure that everything works properly.

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