Kenyan Startup Jumba Raises $4.5M to Streamline Construction Supply Chain

Due to its rapid growth, Jumba has had to turn away many prospective clients who are in need of their services. However, the startup is now focusing on securing contracts with larger businesses in order to maximise its impact. This suggests that Jumba is well on its way to becoming a leading player in the Kenyan B2B constructiontech landscape.

According to Jumba, this growth can be attributed to the company’s ability to streamline the construction material supply chain by connecting retailers with developers. This facilitates quick and easy access to supplies needed for many construction projects, which has resulted in a 300-time month-over-month increase since April last year.

The Kenyan construction company Kagure Wamunyu is scaling up its operations in order to keep up with the demand for construction materials, which is buoyed by $4.5 million seed round funding it has secured. The startup plans to cover 60% of Kenya’s 47 counties within the next five years with its services.

With LocalGlobe’s $1 million pre-seed round last year, the Singapore-based startup accelerator and investment platform has established itself as a key player in the Southeast Asia reproductive technology scene. This year, LocalGlobe is back with another hefty investment round: $5 million this time around. The round was led by Enza Capital, that led its $1 million pre-seed round last year, Foundamental, Seedstars International Ventures, Logos Ventures, SpeedInvest and First Check Africa. The others participants are Alumni Angel Network and Seed accelerators Plug & Play (Thailand) and StartX ( Philippines).

With so much demand for their products, Wamunyu’s company has been struggling to keep up with the ever-growing demand. However, this problem may soon be solved as the company grows rapidly and finds new ways to produce more products.

The company’s distribution model makes it a popular choice for businesses located throughout the country. By helping with distribution, the company is able to provide its customers with products in locations where they are most likely to use them. This approach allows businesses to increase their reach and potential customer base while ensuring quality and satisfaction.

For Jumba, one of its primary goals is to ensure that its products are used in the most sustainable way possible. This philosophy extends to how the company sources its materials as well, preferring to work with developers who compost or reuse construction materials rather than simply discarding them. This attention to detail has helped Jumba cultivate a loyal base of suppliers and consumer clients who appreciate its focus on environmentally friendly practices.

The CEO of the hardware store chain, noticing that their customers were also requesting the same products from software developers, realized that there was a need for these products too. This is why they started to sell software developer supplies, hoping to fill the gap in what both groups were searching for.

Jumba simplifies the sourcing of construction materials through a common marketplace for retailers and developers, eliminating the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers. This platform allows participants to search for and buy materials from a broad selection of retailers, all in one place. This makes it easy for builders to find the materials they need at a price they can afford, and eliminates the need to search around different websites or contact multiple companies individually.

Jumba has built a successful business by negotiating discounted prices (plus their markup) from manufacturers, who then distribute the products to their customers through its web platform. Jumba’s team of sales associates in different counties help with customer sourcing too, facilitating the smooth flow of traffic and transactions between buyers and sellers.

Many African businesses are looking to platforms such as Uber and Kobo360, as they offer a streamlined way to manage their sourcing and logistics. This is especially helpful for smaller businesses that may not have the resources or experience to do so on their own. By using the platforms, these businesses can access their documents and invoices, allowing them to reconcile transactions easily.

For our customers, having quick and easy access to the products they need means less time spent on things that could be more beneficial, such as spending time with loved ones or enjoying life. Our in-house logistics enable us to efficiently and quickly get products to our customers so they can live their lives the way they want.

With an easy-to-use interface and short turnaround time, the startup is solving the financing headache for retailers through short-term financing backed by its bank partners. Plans are underway to avail long-term credit to developers too, making it a valuable option for fledgling businesses.

Africa’s largest retail chain, Wamunyu, has been banking on a new category of financing to help unlock access to cash flow for its construction sites. Through services like buy-now-pay-later from our bank partners and the ability to get materials soon, we are helping businesses grow and retake market share. Our understanding of our customers’ needs sets us apart and allows us to provide innovative solutions that fit their unique needs.

Kenya’s booming construction industry is benefiting from mega infrastructure projects, with the sector expected to continue growing in the coming years. Jumba Wamunyu, founder and CEO of Jumba Technologies, is excited to be a part of this growth and to help solve Kenya’s housing deficit. She believes that by bridging this gap, together we can create a more inclusive society where everyone has access to quality shelter.

The B2B construction marketplace is looking to further verticalize their business model, by focusing on acquiring more customers in Kenya before expanding outward. With a large opportunity in the market, the marketplace plans to scale in order to capture more opportunities.

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