Fusing AI and Crypto: Kaito Raises $5.3M to Advance Search with ChatGPT

Kaito is an AI-powered search engine for crypto, which seeks to make finding quality information easy and accessible for everyone. With its seed round of $5.3 million, the company is on track to becoming a leading resource for all things cryptocurrency.

At Kaito, they believe that by shortening the path to finding answers, they’re helping people stay informed and organized. Their product, KaitoStream, provides users with a constantly updating stream of information from sources like Wikipedia and news sites. This allows them to get their informational needs answered quickly and easily – without having to sift through dozens of different websites.

OpenAI, one of the largest artificial intelligence firms in the world, has teamed up with Binance Labs and Dragonfly Capital to invest in Huobi Chain. The investment is aimed at scaling the team and accelerating development of the product. With this capital, Huobi aims to become a major player in the global cryptocurrency market.

Hu quickly realized that he could use his traditional finance knowledge to create BETTER tools for crypto investing and Karnataka’s growing blockchain community. In 2021, Hu launched his first crypto investment app, CryptoCrowd, which offers a unique suite of tools for crypto investors. CryptoCrowd is one of the few platforms that combines expert financial analysis with real-time market data and price tracking. Hu’s goal is to help people invest in crypto safely and efficiently, no matter their experience or level of expertise.

The lack of a cohesive way for people to search for information across channels, specifically in the crypto industry, leaves many newcomers and seasoned professionals confused about where to turn. One young blockchain enthusiast, Hu, was pointed in the right direction by using Twitter to source information on the topic. While this method is effective and unique among search engines, a cohesive search engine that spans all crypto channels is needed in order to make sure all relevant information is accessible to those looking for it.

With the explosion of blockchain technology and the influx of cryptocurrencies, many businesses are now looking to harness the power of—you guessed it—the blockchain.This is where digital search engine Augur comes in. Created by CEO Gregory Barber, Augur offers a decentralized application (dApp) for predicting outcomes of events, such as the price of Bitcoin.Augur allows users

Kaito is a tool that aggregates information from Twitter, Reddit, and other sources to create a more holistic view of conversations happening on those platforms. It can be valuable for people who want to better understand the ecosystem surrounding certain topics or hashtags.

The trend that people are looking at the most when it comes to cryptocurrency is undoubtedly bitcoin. It seems as though this digital asset is never going away, and there are likely very few things in the digital world that can trump its popularity. Other cryptocurrencies may exist, of course, but for many people bitcoin remains king. Topics such as altcoins and market trends tend to fluctuate on a daily basis, but if you’re looking for information about bitcoin then those topics will be more pertinent to your needs than others.

Kaito’s MetaSearch aims to bridge the gap between users and the entire social crypto landscape, making it easy for anyone to find the information they need. This one-click product enables users to access a wealth of information from platforms like Twitter, Discord, governance forums, Mirror, Medium, podcast transcripts and research. By providing a comprehensive search option across all of these sources, Kaito’s MetaSearch provides an effective way for users to connect with the community and learn about new developments in the social crypto space.

An image of the Kaito AI search engine platform where crypto users can look for aggregated information

After leaving the museum, Kaito wondered what he should do. The sun was beginning to set, and he didn’t know where to go. He spotted a cathedral in the distance and began to walk towards

Kaito is a search engine that utilizes AI to optimize its search results. The company is also integrating ChatGPT/GPT-3 to provide an additional search experience for crypto users. By aggregating information, optimizing its search engine and providing additional features through ChatGPT/GPT-3, Kaito aims to make it easier for users to find the information they need.

While Hu said the startup’s search engine will be free to everyone, the institutional product will likely run a subscription-based model. This decision follows investor feedback that many people only want to use search engines privately and would not want their data shared with a third party.

Kaito emerges as a unique and innovative platform that will help users get the most up-to-date information on off-chain technologies. The platform separates searches by “facts and opinions,” which makes it easy for users to find information that is relevant to them. Additionally, Kaito is focused on aggregating off-chain information and will eventually implement on-chain content, just like Glassnode or Dune Analytics.

Web3.0 is a new, decentralised internet which will supplant the current web infrastructure. Developed by Bing and ChatGPT, it offers a search engine that serves as an interface to the underlying blockchain network. Hu believes that this new, more efficient system will become widespread thanks to its secure and transparent nature.

With a platform that is built on data and community, businesses can build a more robust customer base by tapping into the collective intelligence of users. This will allow companies to collect objective data from users and make it available for analysis. Additionally, through the community-based model, businesses can engage with their customers on a more personal level, building trust and loyalty in the process.

Cryptocurrencies are the future. They have the potential to revolutionize many industries, and today, Hu is excited to announce vertical search engine tailored specifically for the crypto community! Today’s platform will provide users with all of the information they need in one place, from market stats to news and more.

Hu sees blockchain technology becoming something that not just crypto investors use. He sees it being used in many different industries to help reduce costs, increase transparency, and ensure data integrity.

With so much information stored on the blockchain, it is inevitable that artists and other creatives will begin publishing their work on the network. This will create a space akin to the web where users can access and browse through a variety of projects. Furthermore, Hu believes that Bing could eventually become a search engine for all things blockchain, as users increasingly turn to technology in their everyday lives.

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