Samsung Unveils AI-Generated Voice Cloning for Bixby Voice Calls

The new “Custom Voice Creator” feature of Bixby on Galaxy S23 series devices allows users to record different sentences for Bixby to analyze and create an AI-generated copy of their tone and voice. This is a very interesting feature that could be helpful for people who want to change their voice or sound when they make phone calls.

The new voice assistant feature on the Galaxy S8 allows you to use your AI-generated voice to answer phone calls for you when you’re unable to. This is a great way to keep your caller informed and friendly while you’re not able to answer their questions. The feature is also compatible with other Samsung capabilities beyond phone calls in the future, making it even more useful.

Samsung has long been considered one of the most popular smartphone manufacturers and their products continue to get better and better. Their newest phone, the Galaxy S8

Samsung is continuing to rollout new features for its Bixby assistant and this time it’s adding support for English calls. The feature initially launched last year in Korean and lets users answer calls by typing a message that Bixby will then read out loud to the caller. Text Call can also transcribe what the caller says, making it easy to have conversations without having to rely on a translator.

Samsung says that it is continuing to add new features to its voice assistant, Bixby. The company recently announced that it is rolling the ability for users to customize Bixby’s wake-up phrase into whatever they want. Additionally, Samsung has added new features to its voice assistant including the ability to play music depending on the type of exercise that is playing on Samsung Health. These updates continue to show how dedicated Samsung is towards making their voice assistant one of the best on the market.

Originally developed as an assistant for Samsung’s Galaxy smart phones, Bixby was recently updated to include the ability to understand and respond to requests based on context and previous interactions. Using this new technology, users can easily control various aspects of their lives by simply speaking commands. For example, when wanting to start a workout on Samsung Health, users can say “Play music for this workout.” By associating songs with specific activities, Bixby is able to provide listeners with a more tailored experience while working out. Users no longer have to search through dozens of options; instead they can just speak what they want and trust that Bixby will take care of the rest.

Overall, Samsung’s latest update to its virtual assistant, Bixby, is a pretty hefty one. With expanded capabilities such as setting timers and taking screenshots, it seems that the app is gradually evolving into something more than just a voice controllable assistant. Moreover, the addition of offline functions gives users even more reasons to get behind the virtual assistant.

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