Terran 1 Launch Date Sealed: March is Go Time for Relativity Space

SpaceTravelologists are eager to watch the first-ever orbital flight attempt by relativity space, as the company is aiming to break new ground and open up new opportunities in aerospace exploration. The launch license approval is a major step forward for the fledgling company, and observers are looking forward to learn more about what went into obtaining it.

If Relativity’s space mission is successful, it could open the door for 3D-printed objects to be sent into orbit in the future. The massive 85% 3D-printed Terran 1 will be put to the test during its flight, aiming to show that printed objects can withstand high stress levels and fly in space. If all goes according to plan, this success could pave the way for even larger and more complex 3D-printed objects to reach orbit in the future.

Since the initial announcement of their launch date, relativity has been facing a number of setbacks. First, the company cited engine and materials upgrades as reasons for the delay – citing concerns over COVID, a pandemic that was causing widespread illness at that time. Later on in 2022, relativity announced that they were pushing the launch back another six months due to ongoing difficulties with their engine development. Whether or not these problems will be resolved in time for their original winter 2021 launch is still up in the air – but at least we’ll be able to see them sooner rather than later!

In order to send payloads into orbit, rocket companies like SpaceX and Relativity rely on reusable vehicles. Terran R, the company’s much larger and more powerful rocket, is already secured with launch contracts for a total of $1.2 billion. With this success under its belt, it seems that Relativity is well on its way to becoming a superstar in the space industry.

Toward the end of 2020, Relativity Space becomes the latest company to launch a small satellite into orbit using its groundbreaking Terran 1 spacecraft. This landmark achievement will bring real science closer to everyday people, and set the stage for even more ambitious endeavors in the years to come.

Relativity Media is finally launching its highly anticipated heavy lift rocket, the Relativity Spacecraft, after years of development. Good Luck, Have Fun will take place from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida with a launch window between 1:00-4:00 PM ET on March 24th. The company is assessing backup dates with the range, butRegardless of what happens with the backup date, anyone interested in watching Relativity’s ambitious space launch should tune in to their livestream below.

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