Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo Rev up Satellite Communications with Qualcomms Help

According to Qualcomm, multiple phone makers are bringing satellite communication capabilities to their phones. While no manufacturers have provided details about when or which devices will first have these features, this could be a sign of the increasing popularity of satellite communication services.

The Snapdragon Satellite tech is designed to be used in emergency situations where phones can communicate with satellites to send and receive messages. This could be especially useful in places where there is no access to terrestrial communications, such as after a natural disaster.

The chipset maker said that Snapdragon Satellite will be available across upcoming RF modems and multiple models of 8 and 4 series processors for smartphones. This includes the latest Snapdragon 845 processor which is set to bereleased in early August. The chipmaker says that this new technology will allowfor faster download speeds and better overall internet performance when connected to anRF modem.

The incorporation of Snapdragon Satellite into next-generation devices will allow partners to offer satellite messaging capabilities thanks to a mature and commercially available global LEO constellation. This capability will allow subscribers around the world to communicate outdoors with emergency service providers, as well as family and friends.

What do these two announcements have in common? They are both attempts by smartphone manufacturers to create a backup communication system should traditional methods like cell phone towers and wifi be unavailable. Both Samsung and Apple plan to embed their emergency communication systems into future phones, but it’s unclear where or when this feature will be available.

The continued march of smartphones with emergency satellite communication features ensures that even in the most remote areas, people can stay connected no matter what. With new solutions from Bullitt and MediaTek to showcase at MWC, this promise is coming closer to reality for everyone.

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