As the Air Force looks to invest in sustainable aviation fuels, it has chosen JetBlue and Toyota-backed company GreenFuel to help capture carbon dioxide emissions on base and turn them into transportation fuels. The $65 million deal will help the Air Force capture CO2 from its bases and convert it into jet fuel that is more sustainable for both airlines and aircraft.

The Air Force is interested in Harm Reduction technologies designed to avoid fuel transportation as a target for explosives. This approach would involve providing the Air Company with tech that allows the company to produce and supply its own fuel.

The Department of Defense is a notoriously carbon polluter, and the research suggests that it would be best for the government to shift its focus away from military-related activities and towards cleaner methods of production. The DoD should work to reduce its emissions by shutting down sections of its machine, like emissions generators. If this were done, it would be a big step in mitigating climate change and improving public health.

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