Gable Secures $12M Series A to Enhance Remote Workspace Platforms

Many home buyers are undecided about whether to purchase a home with or without a mortgage. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option to make an informed decision. Purchasing a home with a mortgage typically offers several benefits, such as guaranteed financing and security against potential fluctuations in the market. However, homeownership can also carry hefty financial responsibilities, such as interest payments and loan insurance premiums. If purchasing a home is not your primary goal, it may be cheaper and more manageable to

Considering the concerns around TikTok spying and other psychological harm that can come with it, some people are unsurprisingly opposed to the app being banned from school devices. However, with so many other Augmented Reality (AR) and video chat apps available, it seems unlikely that schools will be able to keep students using them exclusively. Ultimately this ban may have more to do with limiting China’s grip on technology than protecting users.

Christine and Haje have a very interesting relationship. Christine is constantly pushing Haje to be more creative and expressive, while Haje tries

The TechGround Top 3

  • Raise the roof: Continuing to work remotely in 2023 remains a hotly contested issue in today’s workplaces. What if we told you that Gable can give your company better remote working options? Still with us? Okay, Haje writes about how Gable raised $12 million to not only show your remote employees a nearby workplace, but also show them if any of their colleagues are there so they can connect.
  • The world in the palm of your hand: Reporting from Mobile World Congress, Brian sat down with OnePlus’ COO Kinder Liu to discuss the company’s first foldable phone.
  • Closing the feedback loop: Engaged customers are where your company can get some of its best ideas for new products. Cycle snagged $6 million to help companies collect all of that customer feedback for a more streamlined product management process, Romain writes.

Startups and VC

The increase in investment suggests that Bain Capital Ventures is confident in the success of companies they invest in. The firm’s billion-dollar funds allow them to support early and growth stage companies, as well as those which have already proven their potential. This infusion of capital will likely help these businesses expand their operations and reach new heights.

After announcing a whole new division taking on “snake oil” in tech, the FTG+ has sent another shot across the bows of the overeager industry with a sassy warning to “keep your AI claims in check.” With continuedclaims of miraculous new AI capabilities, it seems that many in the tech industry are desperate for any shortcut to success. However, as Devin points out, there is no such thing as a free lunch and technologies like AI often come with serious risks and potential pitfalls. It will be important for businesses to be transparent about the challenges and risks associated with implementing these kinds of technologies so that everyone can make informed decisions about how best to use them.

There are countless interesting things to explore in the world, but there are a few that always stick out to me. One of those is wetlands- strange, wet places

Active learning is the future of generative AI: Here’s how to leverage it

Digital generated image of silhouette of male head with multicoloured gears inside on white background.

In a world where technology constantly evolves and changes, it is important to remember that tools should also be updated and refreshed often in order to continue providing the best possible service. This is especially true for websites, which rely on internet browsers and other technologies in order to function correctly. While some websites may

The models that have captured the attention of many online users are actually a form of artificial intelligence that was originally developed in the late 1990s. Called generative adversarial networks, orGANs for short, these models use feedback to improve their ability to generate new images or data sets. As such, they’ve been used to create things like movie trailers and digital art. However, because GANs are fairly complex machines, they haven’t been well-su

Encord’s co-founder, Eric Landau, argues that only well-funded institutions with access to a massive amount of GPU power are capable of building these models. He recommends using the iterative process of active learning to “leapfrog the AI production gap and build models capable of running in the wild more quickly.”

If you’re managing a team of developers, one common question is whether to build or buy software. Many people see this as a binary choice, but in reality there are many possible ways to approach the problem.
I’ve tried to share some tactics for resolving this dilemma that I have found effective in my own work. The first step is to understand your specific needs and constraints. Once you have those down, it’s easy to figure out what kinds of tools are best suited for your situation.

The main thing is

Some people believe that “anything can be hacked.” I think this is foolish. If we are not confident in our security measures, then we should make enhancements to them

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Big Tech Inc.

Brian had a chance to speak with Nothing’s Carl Pei about the company’s expansion strategy, including their upcoming Phone (2) and how it will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series. The Phone (2) will be a powerful device that features a high-end display, premium build quality, and extensive software features.

Microsoft is really jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, with new features for Bing on Windows 11 and Phone Link for iOS. This focus on AI could be a way to stay ahead of the competition, and it shows just how serious Microsoft is about this growing industry.

The sky was alive with different colors as the sun began to set. The deep oranges, pinks, and purples all twisted and turned as if they were alive

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