Ad-Free Content on The Roku Channel: Now Available for Creators!

Roku’s new “Hello Inspo” and “Mysteria” TV channels will feature popular YouTube and TikTok creators. These channels will be free, with ads, and will launch on The Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide. These creators will create new content for the channels, which is sure to interest watchrs of their videos.

Inspo is a new lifestyle, beauty and fashion content creator channel that will give viewers access to the best in the industry. From room makeovers and recipes to DIYs, style hacks and makeup tutorials, this channel has something for everyone. Some of the biggest names in the industry are featured on Inspo, including Liz Fenwick, HeXtian, Hellthy JunkFood Smitha Deepak and Josh Elkin. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle or want to learn some new style tips, Inspo is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Since its inception, “Mysteria” has promised to bring viewers the most spine-tingling true crime content out there. With stars like Danelle Hallan, Stephanie Soo, Christina Randall, True Crime Recaps, Killer Bites and Dr. Todd Grande on board as contributors, it seems as though the channel is going to deliver on that promise fully. In addition to these well-known creators, “Mysteria” also welcomes Brooke Makenna into the fold. This newcomer is sure to add her own unique spin on some of the most chilling unsolved mysteries out there.

Roku is continuing to increase its partnerships with creators, adding Jellysmack as another notable partner. Jellysmack is a well-known creator of programming, and Roku’s partnership with them brings their content to more households via ad-supported AVOD. This increasing popularity of AVOD shows that there is a high demand for creative programming in the market, and Roku is Meeting That Demand

Jellysmack is a channel made up of digital creators who focus on making videos that are enjoyable to watch. The addition of Jellysmack to the Roku Channel’s Live TV Guide means that users have access to a variety of content created by some of today’s most popular digital creators.

Jellysmack is hoping to take its popular video content and turn it into a full-fledged TV series on Roku’s FAST service. In July 2022, the company partnered with Pinterest to launch five short video series on the platform. These weekly episodes on Pinterest feature some of the same creators in Roku’s new FAST channels, such as Cho, Garcia, Riihimaki and Fenwick. Jellysmack is hoping that these interesting videos will capture the attention of viewers and bring them over to its longer-form content on Roku.

Roku believes that its platform can help creators reach a large and growing audience. Through its partnership with Jellysmack, Roku is providing top creators with the ability to produce content for a wider audience. This will allow these creators to grow their businesses andExpand their reach as well.

In an effort to help content creators and distribute their work to a wider audience, Jellysmack’s creator program uses artificial intelligence technology. This program has reportedly helped hundreds of top creators across various platforms, including MrBeast, Bailey Sarian, The Try Guys and PewDiePie. Whether it be through the use of video compression or distribution methods like YouTube AMP, the creator program is working to promote the work of everyone involved in its ecosystem.

Adding the FAST channels to Roku’s content lineup provides even more options for instant streaming entertainment. With over 300 channels available for free, there is something for everyone on Roku.

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