Audible to Premiere Unique Singing Showdown with Judges Kelly Rowland & Sara Bareilles

Audible today announced that it would launch its first-ever singing competition series as an exclusive podcast featuring artists Kelly Rowland and Sara Bareilles as judges. Judging the singers will be two iconic figures in music, with both Sara Bareilles and Kelly Rowland having achieved success both in solo career and within the duo format. “Breakthrough” will premiere on the Amazon-owned audio service on June 1, mixing familiar musical styles with unique audition challenges to create a thrilling experience for listeners.

Daveed Diggs stars as Hamilton in the hit Broadway production, and now he’s lending his talents to a new podcast series that will help five up-and-coming artists achieve success. The hosts of “Breakthrough” are Bareilles and Rowland, who each have had successful careers of their own. They’ll mentor the artists over the course of nine episodes, helping them to develop their music career and discover what success really looks like.

One of the goals of the undiscovered musicians competition is to discover talented new artists. By covering well-known songs, they are able to showcase their vocal abilities while also experimenting with different genres. The competition eventually comes down to an artist’s ability to write and perform their own original material. If they are successful, they may be given the opportunity to record and release a album, which would make them one of the winners.

Zola Mashariki, Head of Audible Studios, knows that there is a huge demand for audiobooks. So, she decided to create an audio-only singing competition where participants can show off their vocal talents. This “Breakthrough” competition will be the first of its kind and it’s sure to push the boundaries of audio even further.

Audible is looking to capitalize on the growing trend of audio-only shows by hosting a competition series called “Breakthrough.” The show will be hosted by notable musical artist Lenny Kravitz, and will feature up-and-coming artists who will compete to see who can produce the best music without any facial expressions or physical interaction with their judges. This way, listeners can connect more deeply with the music and help potential breakout stars discover their talents.

Since Audible’s paid membership plan, Audible Plus, had 300 million monthly active users by 2020, the company likely made a profit from this program. Additionally, though it is not confirmed, it is likely that other revenue sources helped contribute to the profitability of Audible Plus. For example, the company may have generated revenue from selling advertising space on its website or through other products or services offered as part of the

When we think of the American Idol judges, we typically picture powerhouse singers with a million-dollar backing band. But in Season 19, things were a little different. The judging panel was made up entirely of unsigned artists – each one was trying to make it big on their own terms.

The challenge? Each artist had to create a song in just three hours, using nothing but their voice and acoustic guitar. With no room for error, these fiercely independent creatives let the music take control from start to finish.

Each performance was stirring and heart-wrenching in its own way – proving that even if you’re starting from scratch, there’s always room for airtight craftsmanship and soulful storytelling

Audible has partnered with some of the biggest names in music to bring their fans a slate of original content in its “Words + Music” series. This includes titles like Mariah Carey, John Legend, Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrissette and more. The series builds on Audible’s already sizable audio library, boasting over 760,000 programs to choose from. Whether you’re a longtime listener or just getting started on Audible, these recordings are sure to entertain.

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