startup Unicorn Startup Temporal Raises $75M for Microservices Orchestration Platform

Netflix is a leading provider of video streaming services, with over 117 million active subscribers in over 190 countries. Temporal is an open source microservices orchestration platform that helps companies manage their microservices deployments more efficiently and effectively. The company has raised $75 million from a variety of high-profile investors, including Sequoia Capital and Greenoaks. This investment will help the company continue to expand its offerings and improve its platform capabilities.

With a valuation of just over $1.5 billion, it is clear that the startup has maintained its coveted unicorn status. Although some reports to the contrary suggest otherwise, this appears to be nothing more than noise from sour grapes from those who may have felt left out at the recent valuation increase. With so much potential ahead of it, there’s no doubt that this company will continue to grow and prosper – making it one of Silicon Valley’s most successful businesses ever!

With Temporal, developers can build distributed systems that are reliable and scalable while relying on queuing technology to communicate between services. This makes it much easier to manage the system at scale, offering a more reliable and efficient experience for both users and developers.


Temporal aims to solve the problem of reliable software updates by automating the management and monitoring of an application’s state. This is accomplished through a combination of durable execution systems and smart polling technology, which allows companies to push out updates without interruption.

Seattle-based startup Cadence is a web orchestration engine designed to route requests and mediate interactions between different microservices to ensure they work in harmony. Maxim Fateev and Samar Abbas, the founders of Cadence, while working at Uber developed an open source orchestration engine called Cadence, which has since been adopted by various tech companies.

Temporal is an open source project that allows for the development of smart machines. The project was created by two former employees of Uber, who left the company four years ago to pursue this venture. The main focus of Temporal is on developing intelligent machines that can make decisions quickly and efficiently.

For business owners and developers, the goal is always to build as fast and as effectively as possible. With Temporal, however, that process can be simplified significantly by shifting complex code errors and retry processes to a central platform. This removes the need for developers to keep track of state management, which can sometimes become cumbersome.

Temporal is developing a hosted cloud that can support enterprise-level SLAs. Many of its original open source users have transitioned to paying customers, including Netflix, Comcast, Snap, Box, Qualtrics and Postman. However, Temporal also boasts other high-profile customers who have yet to make the switch. Datadog, Instacart and Coinbase are all examples of companies that use Temporal’s cloud services but have not expressed an interest in becoming paid customers. It remains to be seen whether or not these companies will eventually upgrade their partnerships to include SLAs.

The fact that Temporal’s valuation is unchanged from when it raised last year signals that the company is still doing well despite the recent economic turbulence. Temporal has a number of innovative products, and its data-driven analytics could be useful to a wide range of businesses.

Temporal has proven to be one of Silicon Valley’s most promising startups, receiving investment from top venture capitalists over the past few years. with this latest injection of cash, the company is well on its way to achieving its long-term goals.

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