Naomi Osaka, Usher & Apolo Ohno Fuel Immis Ramen Takeover

The majority of consumers are looking for healthier food options, including their favorite comfort foods. Six out of ten Americans now believe that vegetables should play a larger role in their diets, and consumer demand is driving the industry to create more nutritious options. Restaurant operators must be able to cater to these changing tastes by offering both traditional and health-conscious comfort foods. It is important for them to understand the preferences of their target customer base so they can create dishes with a healthy but savory flavor profile that appeal to consumers.

In recent years, ramen has become a staple in many people’s diets. It is often joked about being the food of choice for college students and young entrepreneurs, but the market potential is huge. The global instant noodle sector was worth nearly $46 billion in 2020 and is projected to be around $66 billion by the end of 2027. With so much potential in this market, there are plenty of companies who are hoping to capitalize on this trend.

Since its inception, Immi has been striving to create a plant-based version of instant ramen that also has lower carbohydrates and increased protein. With the recent influx of people embracing a more health-conscious lifestyle, Kevin Lee and Chanthasiriphan believe that their product is at the perfect intersection for consumers. By providing an affordable and convenient option for vegetarians and meat-free individuals alike, Immi is sure to become a staple in many kitchens.

Lee says that they have seen some new players enter the ramen space, but they maintain their lead in the low-carb, high-protein market. They continue to focus on this area and see opportunity for further growth with retail partners.

Since their launch, immi’s products have been in high demand by online buyers. The two entrepreneurs are eager to start the next phase of their business and make their products available to a wider audience.

Kevin Lee Kevin Chanthasiriphan Immi instant ramen

Kevin and Kevin are the co-founders of Immi, a software development company that develops software for large businesses and governments. They met while attending Virginia Tech and decided to start their own business together. The company has since grown rapidly, securing several high-profile contract deals with major companies around

A global vegan cuisine company, Immi Inc. has announced that it has received a Series A funding of $10 million from an unnamed individual (or individuals). The company is planning to unveil nine new flavors of its plant-based dishes over the next year, thereby expanding its reach into nationwide retailers.

In an already crowded field of chatbots and artificial intelligence, Touch Capital is putting its stamp on the conversation with its latest round of funding. Joining a list of celebrity investors, the company has raised $15 million in total to date. With a focus on creating engaging experiences for its users, Touch Capital plans to use this new capital to continue innovating within the space.

The investment banking firm, CAA, led the Series A round in hoop-centric company Fly By Jing. Other investors participating in the Series A include Siddhi Capital, Gold House Ventures, Anti VC, Harizury, Lab Capital Advisors and CAA’s Co-Head of Basketball Lynja. Lauren Kleinman (Dreamday) and Theresa Kang (Blue Marble Pictures) also participated.

Immi is a food delivery service that has seen rapid growth since its inception in 2021. In that year, the company sold out seven times, with increased revenue and planned expansions this year. The service is available at select retailers across the United States and is geared towards busy lifestyles by providing food options quickly and conveniently.

The private tasting community that the company has grown to 6,000 individuals is beneficial because it allows the founders of the company to receive direct feedback from their consumers. This information is often invaluable in helping them market themselves to retailers by showing that a large customer base already exists.

The company continued to see growth in the third quarter of 2022, when it received inbound investor attention from both existing and new investors. This influx of capital helped the company continue its rapid expansion, which had begun only a few years earlier.

The startup is raising funds so that they can continue to build their team and improve their product. They are also planning to launch in more retail locations. The demand for their product has been high and they are planning to keep up this trend with the new funding.

Reports suggest that Chanthasiriphan plans to invest a significant amount of its new capital into product development research, with a goal of developing more unusual and less commonly available flavors. This could include partnerships with celebrities and movie studios, in addition to permanent, limited-time and co-branded flavor options with influencers, users’ favorite brands or bartenders. Whether any of these flavors actually make it onto the market remains to be seen, but Chanthasiriphan is clearly committed to bringing something distinctly different and innovative to the drinks industry.

Although the company is still in the exploratory phase, they have mentioned that they are exploring other products outside of ramen such as ice cream. They are also trying out new flavors and are looking for feedback from consumers to decide which ones should be prioritized. This could mean an increase in variety for their customers and further differentiation from their competitors.

Could Lao Noodle Company’s new partnerships with creative chefs and fast-casual chains lead to a wider variety of Lao noodles available at food retailers? According to company officials, this is definitely a possibility, as they work on improvements to the texture, cook times for the noodles and formats. This could mean that fans of authentic Lao cuisine will have more options than ever before.

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