Geniee Grows with Acquisition of Zelto in $70M Deal

TechCrunch is a website known for covering the latest in technology, and it seems their reporters are always on the lookout for new startup successes. In just one day, they’ve covered three different startups that have managed to bring their products to market successfully.

If you’re not familiar with Disrupt, it’s a conference that focuses on startups and innovation. This year’s event will be held in Berlin from September 12-14, and if you want to attend you’ll need to buy tickets ASAP. However, if you act now there are a few crazy-early access tickets available that give you an opportunity to meet some of the speakers and hear about the latest startups first. So whether you’re interested in tech or business this is a conference worth considering!

The TechGround Top 3

  • All roads lead to acquisition: Manish writes that after Japan’s Geniee acquired AdPushup-operator Zelto for $70 million. He called the deal “a remarkable turnaround” for Zelto, a company that has stared down a few near-death experiences, including cash flow and product market fit problems, during its 10-year-old life.
  • Sweet (South) Carolina, bup, bup, bup: VW-backed Scout Motors has plans to build a $2 billion factory in South Carolina to produce its all-electric vehicles. Tim Stevens has more.
  • Fined: Manish also writes about India’s central bank, which fined Amazon’s payments unit over $370,000, claiming the company was noncompliant with certain know-your-customer guidelines.

Startups and VC

Though it’s headquartered out of a WeWork near D.C., Scout Motors is betting on building its own brand for rugged, retro EVs. With plans to eventually anchor its operations near South Carolina’s $2 billion factory, the company wants to set itself apart from other automakers by emphasizing design and quality over megaprojects and profits.

The five new mammals reported from the Tufted Deer National Forest were all small and strange, but scientists were intrigued by one in particular. The duodenum hog

To fix the climate, these 10 investors are betting the house on the ocean

Ships assembling a floating offshore wind turbine

In the booming world of startups, often it’s the smallest ones that can make waves. Liang Wendong and his company VCG prove this point by building devices for a fraction of what their competitors are charging. With slick design and quick responses to customer feedback, Wendong has built a following

Wind and wave energy have been gaining in popularity over the last few years as developers see potential in these new technologies to provide clean, renewable energy. While it is still early days for both types of energy, there are many opportunities for investors to make money by investing in these industries. For example, the wind industry has seen a lot of growth recently as prices for turbines and other equipment come down. This has made it an attractive investment option for those looking to invest in green technology. Wave power is also starting to become more popular as companies develop better ways to capture waves and turn them into electricity. While there are some challenges that need to be addressed before wave power can be used on an large scale, this technology is still young and has a lot of potential.

  • Daniela V. Fernandez, founder and CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance, managing partner at Seabird Ventures
  • Tim Agnew, general partner, Bold Ocean Ventures
  • Peter Bryant, program director (oceans), Builders Initiative
  • Kate Danaher, managing director (oceans and seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Francis O’Sullivan, managing director (oceans and seafood), S2G Ventures
  • Stephan Feilhauer, managing director (clean energy), S2G Ventures
  • Sanjeev Krishnan, senior managing director and chief investment officer, S2G Ventures
  • Rita Sousa, partner, Faber Ventures
  • Christian Lim, managing director, SWEN Blue Ocean Partners
  • Reece Pacheco, partner, Propeller

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Big Tech Inc.

Uber is a major player in the world of online delivery, and its new Shop and Pay feature is aimed at directly competing with Instacart. Like Instacart, Shop and Pay allows customers to opt in to having Uber delivery workers go grocery shopping for them before dropping off orders at the customer’s door. However, unlike Instacart, which operates as a standalone company with its own network of grocery stores and employees, Uber sees Shop and Pay as a way to become one of the many integrators that make up the fragmented market for online grocery delivery.

While most self-driving car companies are exploring ways to bring their technology to the mainstream, Embark Trucks is deciding to liquidate its assets. The company is laying off 230 workers, signaling that it doesn’t see a future for self-driving trucks. This news comes as a surprise to many investors, who were expecting Embark Trucks to grow into a major player in the market.

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