Digital Locker App Movies Anywhere Ends Support for Screen Pass and Watch Together

Since its creation in 2011, Movies Anywhere has been a key part of the Disney family. The app allowed users to access their movie collection from across services, and its Screen Pass feature allowed friends and family to share films with one another. However, after months of hiatus rumors began to swirl that the platform might be shutting down. Recently it was confirmed by Disney that Movies Anywhere will be closing down two key features – Screen Pass and Watch Together – sometime in the near future. Though this news may come as a disappointment to some users, it’s important to remember that Disney is always looking out for their followers’ best interests, and they’re committed to providing them with quality experiences regardless of what may come next.

Cord Cutters News has reported that starting on May 1st, Screen Pass users will no longer be able to share their purchased movies with friends and family. This change is intended to promote more individual movie watching within the app. Screen Pass launched in 2020, and was designed as a way for users to loan out three movies per month. recipients can then watch them for up to 72 hours.

MoviePass is discontinuing its Screen Pass feature which allowed subscribers to send a code to their friends so they could watch a movie together. As of May 1, users will no longer be able to use this feature and will have to rely on traditional methods such as sharing individual links or passwords. This change comes as MoviePass undergoes yet another transformation, transitioning away from being an exclusively movie-theatrical service and expanding its repertoire into television shows and specials. While some may be upset with the change, it is likely that many more people will benefit from MoviePass’s new endeavors given that it now offers access to a wider variety of content.

Movie Anywhere is shutting down its “Watch Together” feature on June 1st. This functionality allows users to sync up with friends to watch the same movie simultaneously, which will no longer be possible after this date. The feature has been highly popular and was used frequently by fans of the platform. Without Watch Together, it will be difficult for Movie Anywhere users to participate in group watching events anymore.

The end of Screen Pass and Watch Together may upset some movie buffs, but the company cited that focus on experiences that its users are most passionate about as their main reasoning. This could mean new ways to enjoy movies, such as expanding collections and watching titles across multiple platforms.

Movies Anywhere is a streaming service that allows movie enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite films on different devices. Movie lovers have the option of watching their movies with the comfort of their own home or taking them with them wherever they go.

Some people are choosing to watch movies in theaters again, or hosting IRL movie watching parties, while others are sticking to streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. This trend may change as the pandemic progresses, but for now it seems that movie theaters remain a popular destination for families and friends to watch their favorite films.

This decline in viewership for digital movies could probably be linked to a few factors. Perhaps, people are just preferring to watch movies on traditional platforms like television or movie theaters these days? Additionally, streaming services have become more popular and convenient over the last few years, so it’s no surprise that they’re seizing the spotlight. In any case, this is just one trend that we’ll have to watch closely as it may change drastically over time.

Disney movies Anywhere allows digital movie collectors to access their movies, across all services they use, in one place. The app was jointly operated by Disney, Universal, WB and Sony Pictures in 2017.

My Lists was a major update to Netflix’s movie experience that allowed users to organize their movies into genres, cast, franchise and more. This made it easier for users to find what they’re looking for without having to search through every single movie.

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