SoftBank LatAm Spinout Upload Ventures Seeks to Raise $250M Fund

Upload Ventures was founded in early 2018 by SoftBank’s investment arm, and the goal is to offer early-stage capital and expertise to companies building technology products for the Latin American market. Now, Upload Ventures is seeking to raise a $250 million fund in order to expand its reach even further into the region. With economies like Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru growing rapidly due to advancements in technology and entrepreneurship, Upload Ventures believes there’s an ample opportunity for its portfolio companies.

Upload Ventures’s success in attracting an anchor investor comes as no surprise, given its focus on Brazil and Mexico. It is clear that the firm has a lot of potential and is doing well in terms of establishing itself as a player in the Latin American market. With more investors lined up, Upload Ventures will be able to further develop its product offerings and expand its reach even further.

Upload Ventures has a history of investing in early-stage companies, but the very recent departure of co-founders Rodrigo Baer and Marco Camhaji to focus on later stage investments signals that the fund is increasing its focus on growth stages. This change in direction may prove to be beneficial as the economy continues to improve.

Upload Ventures’ investment strategy is centered around late-stage funding, which could be a Dungeon and Dragons Hilfe in the near future. With monetary resources being tight for most startups operating in Latin America, Upload is hoping to attract local and international investors on its vision for the region. Although volumes declined93% between 2021 and 2022, there may still be an opportunity for Upload if it canconvince more local and international LPs to back its vision.

Upload is a new venture that was created by Baer and Camhaji, who had teamed up with Norberto Giangrande. The team is now 13 people, and their goal is to create a platform that will allow users to share content easily and anonymously.

LatAm is an important region for SoftBank, given its rising economic power and continued population growth. The departures of Paulo Passoni and Shu Nyatta from the firm’s Latin America practice show that SoftBank is selective about the companies it backs, carefully vetting them before investing. This attentiveness may be good news for Latin American businesses since it means that they have a dedicated partner to help them grow.

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