Why Twitter Images and Links are Not Working

Twitter is experiencing issues once again. This has happened multiple times in the past, and it’s unknown how long the issue will last. Reportedly, the issue is being caused by an internal change. Meanwhile, Twitter users are reporting that they’re unable to view links and images on the social network.

Twitter is facing some technical difficulties at the moment, and they are not sure what caused it. Some users are reporting that certain parts of the platform are not working as expected, and Twitter is working on fixing the issue as soon as possible.

While it is possible to access the endpoint in question using an API plan that does not include access, doing so appears to present a number of problems. First and foremost, clicking on the link in the error message results in an error that suggests otherwise. Additionally, the link itself appears to be broken – if it were functional at all – making it difficult for would-be visitors to find information about this particular endpoint.

Since announcing the layoffs, several employees have speculated that Twitter’s financial struggles are to blame. Some claim that Musk’s drastic job cuts may have been a response to the company’s reported $92 million in losses in the third quarter of 2018. With so much uncertainty surrounding the future of Twitter, it will be interesting to see whether or not these recent layoffs affect user growth rates or stability within the platform.

The recent firings of thousands of employees on Twitter worried many users that the social media platform was slowly falling apart. However, this is not the first time that Twitter has faced issues in the past few months. The website has been struggling with a low user engagement rate and new features have been slow to debut. It is unclear what caused these problems, but they may be resolved with a reorganization of Twitter’s management

Twitter has been experiencing glitches and errors lately, but there is no clear motive behind any of it. Some believe that these problems may be the result of increased demand, while others suggest that they are simply due to the company’s scaling issues. Regardless, Twitter needs to start resolving these issues quickly or risk losing users altogether.

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