On February 27, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a lawsuit trying to block Biden’s debt relief program. The plaintiffs in the case argue that Congress did not have the authority to pass the SECURE ACT 2.0, which created provisions for employers to match student loan payments for those with debt while also adding to retirement accounts. If successful, this lawsuit could lead to a delay or even cancellation of Biden’s ambitious plan.

The global pandemic has disrupted many life patterns, making it difficult for student loan borrowers to make on-time payments. This three-year delay in payments due to the pandemic will likely have a significant impact on these borrowers’ financial stability and overall credit score.

Some fintech companies are developing innovative technology approaches to solving the student debt problem. One such company, Truelancer, offers a platform where students can find temporary work doing tasks like data entry or customer service. This platform has helped many students cover unexpected expenses and avoid debt pressure.

FutureFuel partners with entities to embed AI-driven student debt and savings optimization products into employee benefits engines in order to help employees save for their future. This is an innovative way to help employees pay off their debts and manage their financial resources more efficiently.

Candidly has created a unique approach to debt reduction and financial wellness.Rather thanocusing onsimultaneously reducing both student debt and accruedinterest, Candidly focuses on empowering users tobuild wealth while reducing or eliminating theirdebt burden. This allows users to takeadvantage of the many opportunities available to them while stillprotecting their finances.

Candidly is a personalized shopping service that helps people save money on their grocery bills. The company was founded by two former McKinsey consultants, Altos Ventures, and Cercano Management, who are leading the new financing round. Candidly aims to provide a convenient way for customers to find deals on groceries and other household items, and has so far raised $57 million from existing investors.

Candidly is a digital payment platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers in an effort to increase sales and customer loyalty. The Series B financing follows a year of record growth in which the company saw 10x revenue growth and a 3,600% increase in payments flowing through the Candidly platform. This success has paved the way for continued expansion into new markets as well as increased investment in R&D efforts aimed at making Candidly even more effective for businesses.

Candidly anticipates that this project will be a boon to employee loyalty and job retention. The company believes that by incentivizing employees to take proactive steps to improve their financial situation, it will create a more positive workplace culture that will lead to increased productivity.

There are a number of public service loan forgiveness tools and Federal Forgiveness Finder to access federal student debt relief programs that can help borrowers pay back their debts more quickly. Candidly’s gamified repayment and auto-payment tools can help borrowers send an average of $45 in extra payments to their loans each month, which can make a big difference in terms of reducing the amount of money they owe.

As Candidly grew in popularity, it looked to expand its distribution channels in order to reach even more Americans. In addition to existing partners like UBS and Fiserv, 2022 saw the company enter into partnerships with Guild, Empower, Lincoln Financial Group and Vanguard, giving Candidly access to over 35 million consumers. This expansion helped the company become one of the most popular platforms for financial advice in America.

The success of Candidly with American Eagle Outfitters is likely due to the company’s focus on inspired innovation and its commitment to helping employees take control of their financial lives. American Eagle Outfitters is filling a need in the market by offering an innovative debt reduction program, and its employees are pleased with the results. Candidly has encouraged its customers to be mindful of their finances and make gradual, manageable changes that will help them achieve their goals.

The company is looking to scale its ability to help users repay their debts, as well as help employers provide benefits for their workers. The raised round will allow them to continue providing these services and continue helping those in need.

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