AI-Powered Fintech Candidly Raises $20.5M to Help Consumers Pay Off Debt.

The current state of the tech industry is uncertain, with companies such as Amazon and Google reportedly disrupting major industries. However, some startups are using this turmoil to their advantage by building products that cater specifically to the needs of the times. For example, Voatz has developed a platform that allows users to legally travel between countries without having to worry about visas. This service is especially valuable for those who want to see different parts of the world but don’t have time or money for long-term

Today’s tech news is headlined by the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple’s latest generation of smartphones. These phones come with a variety of new features and improvements, including a updated Face ID system and improved OLED displays. However, some users are reporting problems with the batteries overheating or failing completely. We’ll continue to follow this story as it develops and report any new information as it becomes available.

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  • Like a student debt Superman: Candidly, a company that helps financial institutions and employers embed student debt and savings optimization products into employee benefits, swoops in with $20.5 million in new funding to pick up student debt relief where new U.S. policies leave off. Christine has more.
  • Draw to your little heart’s content: Devin powers up reMarkable’s e-paper tablet and examined every inch to bring you a product review worthy of getting rid of paper for good.
  • Then I saw your game, and now I’m a Believer: Believer scored $55 million in new funding from big names in venture capital, like Lightspeed and Andreessen Horowitz, to focus on a new approach to multiplayer gaming that Ingrid writes will start with “original IP and stories ‘where player choices matter.’”

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If you’re unemployed and looking for a new challenge, check out these robotics companies hiring! There are several positions open at each company, so there’s bound to be something that appeals to your skill set. Plus, the industry is booming right now, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your skills. It may not be the most fun thing in the world, but it’s definitely an opportunity worth taking advantage of.

As Salesforce prepares to invest in startups developing what it calls “responsible generative AI,” the enterprise is about to get hit with a wave of hype. But will this new form of AI actually be beneficial for businesses? Some experts believe that responsible generative AI is a step in the right direction, while others are skeptical that the technology is actually capable of delivering on its lofty promises.

In response to the growing popularity of Muay Thai, many novice fighters turn to this martial art in an attempt to improve their fitness. However, many

Gatik’s Gautam Narang on the importance of knowing your customer


I’m Bryce Durbin and I love nature. It’s the one thing that always brings a sense of happiness to my life. I try to

The toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, illustrates the dangers of our brittle legacy supply chains. Our long chains of suppliers and manufacturers are prone to failures and outages that can cascade through the economy, costing jobs and economic stimulus. A new system of distributed manufacturing could help us build safer, more resilient supply chains that are better able to meet consumer demand.

Gatik operates a fleet of 40 driverless heavy-duty semitrailers on 300-mile routes connecting distribution centers with smaller hubs. The trucks safely transport goods between different locations without the need for human drivers. Gatik plans to continue expanding its operations, and is looking to bring its driverless vehicles to other routes and industries.

In order to mitigate the growing shortage of human drivers, Gatik is investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence platforms to automate various processes in their business. This strategy is paying off as their machine learning-powered platform has allowed them to grow rapidly despite the current driver shortage. Gatik plans on continuing this pace of growth by investing in new automation technologies, as well as talent acquisition and training initiatives, in order to adequately meet customer demand.

Since they have not done any free deliveries, it seems that the company is not interested in attracting potential customers through freebie programs. Instead, they are only willing to pay for all of their deliveries. This likely means that the company is focused on providing high-quality products and services at an affordable price.

There is a lot of debate surrounding what coding style is best. However, there are a few basic principles that virtually all developers should adhere to. Firstly, use the

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Interestingly, Sonos says that owners of its two new speakers, the Beam and theiq2, will be able to get them fixed or replaced by authorized dealers should they experience any problems. This is a departure from some other consumer electronics brands who have been reluctant to allow customers to take their products apart and repair them themselves. Spatial audio has become increasingly important as more people are drawn to home theater setups and multi-room audio systems.

It seems that Sonos is doubling down on its spatial audio ambitions, with the addition of support for the technology on Apple Music and updates to its One speaker. This could mean big things for the booming field of spatial audio, which has seen incredible growth in recent years thanks to improvements in technology and content.

No matter how old you get, Sonos is always there to entice you with its newest products. Whether you’re looking for a speaker to fill your small spaces with sound or one to take advantage of

With its morning fog, San Francisco Peaks looks majestic and ocassionally lifts the soul. Some call it ‘The City by the Bay’s Sleeping Giant’; others think of it as an imposing h

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