in Series A Droit Secures $23M in Series A for Compliance Platform Used by Banks

Droit, which typically caters to finance heavyweights, has seen a surge in interest from tech startups in recent years. The company’s new funding will help it continue to grow its customer base and expand into new markets.

Droit is a regulatory information provider that aims to bolster financial institutions’ decision making by integrating regulatory knowledge into the pre-trade process. Droit provides key information on things like whether the transaction is allowed according to the regulations of each market as well as internal policies, ensuring that all obligations are met. They have worked with over 30 banks and securities firms around the world, helping them become more efficient andeffective traders within their respective markets.

For most traders, the goal is to make money. Droit offers a variety of reporting and tracking mechanisms that help stakeholders make trading decisions based on the most up-to-date information and validate these at a later date. This way, they can create a digital-paper trail for auditability.


Investors are starting to seek out technologies designed to help banks comply with global regulatory demands, as the cost of non-compliance has become increasingly expensive. London-based SteelEye recently raised $21 million for its cloud-based compliance platform, which promises to reduce the risk of non-compliance. And earlier this year, another London-based company called GSS secured $45 million to help banks screen for any sanctions that may have been imposed by governments.

Droit plans to use its fresh cash injection to support its expansion into wealth management, extending its existing capital market regulatory automation to further use-cases. This move will help the company improve its competitive edge in this growing sector and better serve the needs of affluent clients.

The round of funding was a long time coming for LevelUp, as the company had been working to finalize its Series A round of investment back in 2013. That round was led by ABCF, with participation from existing investors — and customer — Goldman Sachs. With this new Series B round, LevelUp has now raised over $70 million from investors which will be put towards continued expansion into new markets and products.

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