Rumours Suggest Apple Could be Releasing a HomePod with a Display soon

This new product in the HomePod lineup would be very different from existing HomePods. It would feature a 7-inch display, much like the Amazon Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub. This would give users a small tablet-like device that they can use to listen to music, control smart devices, and more.

The new HomePod supports Thread, the Matter-backed wireless protocol specifically designed for IoT devices. This means that HomePod owners can control smart home devices using voice commands and Apple’s acclaimed assistant, Siri. This makes the HomePod an excellent choice for people who want to integrate their smart home into their daily lives

A Thread-based smart home could be a far more intricate system than previously thought. Not only can the new Matter smart home connectivity standard allow for interoperability between different smart home ecosystems, but the HomePod can also function as a border router and securely enable communications with other Thread-based accessories located throughout the home. This makes it possible to create an entirely custom, interconnected system that is catered to your needs and preferences – perfect for creating a truly personalized home!

Tablets are a popular form of computing, with many people choosing to use them over laptops. Adding a touchscreen display to a smart speaker would make sense for the company as many people already use and like their iPad. This would be a familiar interface and could also potentially run some popular iPad apps out of the box. Additionally, adding an iPad-like product would give Apple another entry into the growing market of touchscreen smart speakers.

Many people are excited about the possibility of a smart display that could be used to control their homes. While many details are still unknown, it is clear that Apple is working on this type of product. If released in its current form, this would be an affordable way for people to get started with smart home technology.

Apple could be developing a smart home tablet that is also a HomePod. This would give people the convenience of using voice commands without having to look at a screen, and it would allow them to control appliances and other devices in their homes using their voice.

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