Bitcoin and Lightning Network Revolutionizing Global Payments

With Bitcoin and Ethereum prices continuing to skyrocket, Chain Reaction is here to keep you updated on all the latest news and happenings in the world of crypto. In this episode, we talk about a recent report that states over half a million new accounts were created for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in Q2 of 2018 alone. What does this mean for the future of crypto investment? Will ICOs continue to be the wave of the future, or are there other platforms out there

Strike is trying to make it easier for people to send money across borders, which could be a boon for the global economy. The company’s platform allows users to send and receive payments in more than 60 currencies, and it recently began offering its services in India.

Mallers is on the rise, and its new investment will help it continue to grow in the space of payments. Its partnerships with major companies like Visa and Clover demonstrate just how successful Mallers has been so far. With this additional funding, Mallers is well on its way to becoming a leading player in the payments market.

Since its inception, ShopStyle has been determined to solve one problem: helping shoppers find the right clothes for their style and body. The company’s latest product, ShopStyle Custom Fit Kit, takes this ethos a step further by tailoring the clothing your individual body type desires.

Zap is one of the most successful bitcoin companies in terms of both revenue and user base. They are also the CEO of a company that transacts on the Lightning Network, which is a second layer on Bitcoin’s blockchain that allows for off-chain transactions between parties. Zap has pioneered many developments in this field and continues to make significant contributions to the greater bitcoin ecosystem.

Mallers believes that their business is able to succeed, even amidst the volatile price of Bitcoin, because they are able to use the Lightning Network and other methods to move value around the world without relying on Bitcoin’s price. This allows them to maintain a high level of customer service and reliability regardless of changes in the market.

Despite the high price of Bitcoin, Mallers believes that services like theirs will still be popular due to their convenience. By simply scanning a QR code and spending bitcoin directly through the app, users can bypass lengthy bank transfer processes and avoid any potential fees.

Mallers is one of the most well-known and authority figures in the Bitcoin world. After hearing about it from friends and reading about it online, he jumped into the scene as a young adult and quickly became an active participant. He is passionate about digital currency and believes that it has the potential to change the way we live our everyday lives. While many payment networks exist today, Mallers is confident that Lightning Network can be better and provide a more efficient way to conduct transactions. If big players in the industry get on board, Bitcoin could become a permanent fixture within our society.

Haley was a little girl who loved nothing more than spending her time reading. As she grew older, Haley decided that she

  • Lightning Network’s global potential
  • El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin
  • Creating new infrastructure to make Bitcoin more accessible
  • The future of the Strike and Bitcoin ecosystems

A single currency, or value transfer protocol, could help economies across the globe to function more efficiently and reduce the amount of wealth lost to corruption. Mallers believes that Lightning Network can serve as this valuable tool, but he is also focussed on platforms like Ethereum which aim to create a fiscal system that is inclusive and sustainable.

Episode 98 of Chain Reaction delves into the world of staking and dapps. Staking refers to a process by which rewards are given to holders of tokens or coins that are involved in a dapp ecosystem. Dapps, on the other hand, are decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. This episode covers how to set up and use staking within a dapp, as well as tips for growing your vote count within different constituencies.

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