Mental Health Startup Intellect Joins Forces With Asias Largest Healthcare Group

With Intellect’s new partnership with IHH Healthcare, the mental health platform is set to expand its services to a wider audience. With years of experience in developing bespoke digital mental health programs for its patients, corporate clients and staff, IHH Healthcare will be able to help Intellect achieve even greater success. Patients will be able to access comprehensive and tailored mental health support from the comfort of their own homes, while businesses can use Intellect’s tools to improve employee well-being and productivity.

Intellect Hospitality Ventures is a startup accelerator and venture fund aimed at supporting the growth and transformation of hospitality businesses. Intellect’s first strategic investor is IHH Healthcare, a multinational healthcare provider with operations in over 20 countries. The investment will be used to help progress the startup’s innovative technologies and services for the hospitality industry.

Intellect is a mental health startup that focuses on telehealth coaching, services like therapy or psychiatry and mental health screening that can be done online or in-person at an Intellect clinic. It has a consumer app, but focuses primarily on enterprise customers who offer its platform to their employees as a wellness benefit. Enterprise customers can find Intellect’s cognitive behavioral therapy-based programs helpful for treating various issues like anxiety and depression, but they also have the added bonus of reducing healthcare costs.

IHH Healthcare's Ashok Pandit with Intellect founder Theodoric Chew

Intellect is a Singapore-headquartered company that provides artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for enterprise applications. The company’s main focus revolves around assisting businesses in streamlining their processes and making better decisions, through the use of big data analysis tools.

Intellect was founded by

Intellect and IHH Healthcare are looking to partner up to offer a larger continuum of care for patients across different regions. This would include preventive care, specialized care, and rehabilitation services. Intellect is specifically targeting APAC first, but the partnerships could someday spread to other regions as well.

Intellect is a cloud-based platform that helps healthcare organizations to improve patient care and efficiency. IHH Healthcare has partnered with Intellect to provide maternity patients at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore with the platform, hoping to improve patient care and reduce costs. IHH Singapore employees will also be able to use the platform, as it offers benefits such as improved communication and collaboration between employees.

Ashok Pandit, IHH Healthcare group chief strategy and business development officer, said that the company is pleased to invest in Intellect, a market leader in mental health care. Their aim is to boost Intellect’s growth and enhance access to millions more people who require support, care or treatment for mental health issues.

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