Maximizing Closeness: How to Make Products Locally

Nonprofit FORGE is bringing ‘nearshoring’ to US startups

There are a few significant reasons to believe that manufacturing overseas is the cheaper and more efficient option. First, the upfront costs associated with manufacturing in the United States are oftentimes greater than those incurred in China or other overseas locations. For example, location fees, taxes, and other overhead expenses can easily account for 10-30% of a product’s total cost. Secondly, oftentimes foreign manufacturers have better infrastructure and working conditions than their American counterparts. This means that products can be completed faster, with less downtime and human error. And finally, products from overseas sources often undergo fewer (if any) quality assurance checks before they reach U.S customers – meaning that defective items make it into marketplaces more frequently than with U.S-based manufacturers. In

Nearshoring can have surprising benefits for startups. Not only does it allow startups to save on costs, but it also opens up new markets and allows for innovative designs. The key is to find an overseas supplier that produces close to the specifications of your product, allowing you maximum control over quality and manufacturing processes.

FORGE is on a mission to help startups build closer relationships with local manufacturers and designers, so they can bring their products to market more quickly and efficiently. So far, FORGE has supported 600 startups with their manufacturing, product development and supply chain needs, but it wants to help many more. By providing dedicated support resources such asDirectory of Manufacturersand Careers with Manufacturinghands-on tutorials and events like Manufacturing Mixerhappy Hour®, FORGE is helping startups speed up the process of building a successful business in the manufacturing sector.

FORGE provides assistance to innovators seeking to bring their products to market. This support includes assistance with product development, manufacturing and supply chain management. The high failure rate of hardware makes it an interesting field for investment and FORGE is focused on assisting those looking to enter this market.

FORGE is a printing press that founders can use to manufacture products in their own city instead of outsourcing to factories in other cities. FORGE prints products on large sheets of paper that are then cut down into smaller pieces and assembled into products. Founders can use the FORGE to print goods such as T-shirts, socks, and underwear at a fraction of the cost it would take them to order these items from overseas suppliers. Additionally, FORGE allows founders to customize their products by adding their own designs or text. This capability gives them control over the design process which could be difficult or impossible using traditional methods such as printing on T-shirts bought online

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