MLS Teams up with TikTok for Extended Presence on App

TikTok and Major League Soccer have announced a multi-year partnership that will bring exclusive content, in-app programming and more to the app. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but according to reports, it is worth upward of $10 million. The partnership comes as TikTok increasingly becomes a go-to app for soccer fans — with over 170 million active users worldwide — who want to keep up with the latest matches and events. In addition to exclusive content, including live match commentary and behind-the-scenes coverage, TikTok users will be able to challenge friends in game mode competitions on global maps.

Fans of MLS clubs on TikTok can now find new content, including videos from players and stories from the league, in the “MLS Hub.” The hub accompanies MLS’s website and includes scores and schedules as well as clips to help users integrate MLS-themed moments into their videos.

The new Club Creator Network will give TikTok creators the opportunity to work with MLS clubs and create content that only exists on the app. This partnership is bound to create some great content for fans of both MLS and TikTok, who can look forward to seeing behind-the-scenes footage of matches and off-the-field experiences with their favorite teams.

With TikTok integrated into every MLS game throughout the season, viewers will be able to capture and share unique and memorable moments from their favorite matches. In addition, eMLS Cup, the League’s esports tournament sponsored by TikTok, will feature some of the best players in North America battling it out for a $100,000 prize pool.

This strong growth in soccer viewership on TikTok may be due to the popularity of the sport amongst millennials, who are drawn to its fast-paced action and global appeal. Plus, with new updates continually added to the app that allow users to create their own videos featuring soccer content, there is sure to be a lot of fresh content for fans of all ages.

TikTok’s new partnership with ESPN will give its users access to exclusive content, including live games and highlights. This is a major step for the company, which has been focusing more on sports content in recent months. Sports fans will be able to follow their favorite teams and athletes easily and access all the latest news and footage.

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