100M Gamers to Join Web3 Games: Polygon & Immutable Presidents Prediction

About 40% of web3 games being built will go live in next 12 to 18 months, Immutable co-founder says

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There are a number of key players in the web3 gaming space who predict exponential expansion in the next few years. This includes game developers, platform providers, and gamers themselves who are determined to explore new and exciting blockchain-based gaming experiences.

This growth is due to several factors. First, there is an increasing demand for games that take advantage of blockchain

Ferguson and Wyatt believe that the mass adoption of web3 will help increase the size of the gaming market substantially in the next few years. This is essential as it would allow for a much wider range of quality games to be created, which would then attract an even larger audience. The addition of 10 million to 100 million gamers is not unrealistic given current trends, so it’s exciting to watch this space closely.

This has been a huge year for the decentralized gaming industry, with more developers and games coming online every day. Developers seem to be bullish on the sector, and Ferguson predicts that 40% of all web3 games will be live within the next 12 to 18 months. This would represent a massive wave of adoption that the gaming industry didn’t have before.

Immutable and Polygon are teaming up to help grow the scaling and adoption of web3-enabled games. Their collaboration will focus on making web3-enabled games faster to build, easier to use and less risky for larger gaming studios and independent developers to get involved. This partnership could help spur growth in the subsector, which is already growing rapidly.

Ferguson believes that games with a two to four year lead time need to have an “incredible customer experience” in order to succeed. This infrastructure, which currently does not exist in the video game industry, is required for developers to create engaging and lasting games.

If the market for web3 games is as large as Ferguson implies, it could be a lucrative industry. With billions of dollars being spent on in-game items each year, developers and publishers could be raking in a lot of money. However, it will likely take some time for the market to develop, given that most players are still mainly interested in box copy games like Fortnite and League of Legends.

The company’s president, Sam McIngvale, announced that the trust will offer clarity to the multi-billion-dollar potential market for in-game assets. “We want to build an industry where players own their assets, and we’re going to do everything we can to help make that a reality,” McIngvale said in a statement. The trust would handle issuing new virtual goods and items for games like FIFA and Grand Theft Auto, ensuring that players always have exclusive control over these valuable possessions.

It is impossible to scale web3 gaming without true property rights. The technology behind web3 gaming is complicated, and even the most experienced developers may not be able to understand it fully. This means that gamers will only be able to enjoy the benefits of web3 gaming if the platform holders can trust them and ensure that they are abiding by the rules set forth by the network. In order to make this possible, platforms need to be secured with a tamper-proof blockchain database, and users must have a way to

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