Netflix Gaming Soars Higher With Upcoming 40+ Releases, Includes Monument Valley in 2024

Many mobile game developers are already taking advantage of the Netflix model, adapting popular titles and releasing them as exclusive versions for the streaming service. In-app purchases are often included in these adaptations, to give users a greater incentive to continue playing the game. Ustwo’s decision to release its Monument Valley games exclusive to Netflix is an unusual move, but it may be profitable for the company. If players enjoy playing the games and feel obliged to purchase extra items within them, then Ustwo will receive revenue from in-app purchases. This strategy could also help Ustwo build a larger audience for its Monument Valley franchise overall, increasing sales potential down the road.

Netflix is becoming an even bigger player in the video game industry, and their latest exclusive game is Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace. The roguelike game features upgraded gameplay and a new formula that should keep fans of the genre satisfied. Rogue Palace will be available on Netflix starting April 18th.

It’s no wonder Netflix is one of the most popular services on the planet. With movies and TV Shows available at your fingertips, there’s

Netflix’s upcoming release will have an exclusive game from Super Evil Megacorp. The developer behind Vainglory and Catalyst Black is helping create the game, which is based on the new release. If all goes as planned, this will be an amazing way for Netflix fans to continue spending their time even after the show has ended.

Netflix is rumored to be working on its own cloud streaming technology in order to compete with services like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. This technology could potentially allow Netflix users to watch their favorite shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

Netflix has announced that they are working on their own cloud streaming technology which will enable games to be played on any device. This is an important step in making games more accessible and could lead togreater involvement from Netflix members in the gaming community.

Netflix’s line-up of new games in March includes two strategy games and one game inspired by nature. Terra Nil, from Free Lives, is a reverse city-builder where players transform a lifeless landscape into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Highwater, from Serbian developer Demagog Studio, is a strategic game with themes of social collapse and environmental disaster.

Loombe outlined that Netflix’s goal is to offer games that cater to all of its subscribers, and that the streaming service plans to do this by building out a selection of games that serve each developmental group: casual gamers, core gamers and new gamers. By catering to these various groups in its selection of games, the company hopes to keep all its members entertained.

With Titles such as Stranger Things, Narcos, and Godless all coming out on Netflix in the last few years, it makes sense that the streaming service is looking to enter the video game market. In a recent interview with, Netflix’s Director of Game Content Acquisition Ted Loombe spoke about their plans for developing games specifically for their members:

“Just like we did with the streaming side of Netflix, we are building this curated portfolio with extremely talented external developers because we want to achieve that variety and that diversity within the portfolio of games,” Loombe said. “And whilst we’re doing that our internal studios are hard at work building their games. As we know these games take some time to develop.”
During this process, Netflix will also monitor feedback from its members in order “to better understand what types of experiences they want us to provide them.” This not only puts pressure on game developers but also curators who will be responsible for picking which titles make it into the library: “Within each genre there is usually one or two standout titles,” he added.

Given that the vast majority of Netflix subscribers are watching television shows and movies, it was surprising to learn that the company has steadily been adding more and more games to its platform. With over 230 million subscribers, playing games on Netflix is clearly a popular pastime for many of its users. While Loombe didn’t disclose how many of these games are specifically designed for the platform, she noted that the company is happy with its progress so far and believes that this trend will continue as it adds more gaming content in the future.

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