Reebelo Seeks Expansion Into US Market With Series A Capital Raise

The global circular economy is growing rapidly, with sales totaling about $339 billion in 2022 and projected to increase more than twofold by 2026. Much of this growth is based on consumer behavior to reduce waste and have more sustainable consumption of goods.

Reebelo is a company that was formed with the belief that electronics can be more environmentally-friendly and affordable. They offer discounted prices on sustainable consumer electronics, such as solar and electricity-efficient appliances. They are also a proponent of recycling and believe in doing their part to help keep electronics out of landfills.

When Nokia first started making smartphones, their primary focus was on the mobile market. However, as the years went by and they began to see a decline in sales, they transitioned into other markets such as gaming and “close by” categories. This shift proved successful for Nokia as they found new salvation in these ventures.

The Reebelo marketplace is convenient for shoppers looking for pre-owned devices at up to 70% savings. The company offers one-year warranties, certified sellers and 30-day free returns, which makes it an ideal place to buy a new or used device. Additionally, the marketplace serves customers in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea, so anyone in those regions can easily find what they’re looking for.

This move signals Reebelo’s intent to continue developing its AI platform and grow its customer base in the United States. The company has already established partnerships with major American companies, such as Walmart and Coca-Cola, and plans to expand these relationships even further.

Reebelo’s circular economy approach is resonating globally, boasting a 12x growth in gross merchandise value and a tripled sales volume in the past year. The company’s promise of reducing waste and increasing customer satisfaction through eco-friendly and efficient practices is gaining attention, with 25% of total sales coming from the U.S. market share. Reebello is poised to continue its rapid growth trajectory and become a leading player in the sustainable industry.

According to Franta, the U.S. presence for the company is already its second-largest market and is expected to jump to first in less than six months. Based on Franta’s statement, it seems that this growth is due in part from the favorable regulations and overall economy in the U.S., as well as the recent focus by Samsung on marketing their products specifically to American consumers.

In the competitive market of tech companies, it’s evident that being able to provide a quality product and standout customer service is essential for success. Huawei has built a loyal fanbase over the past year with its innovative products and dominant customer service. Its embedded financial services, including a buyback program and upgraded device options, have caught on with users 330% year-over-year. ReebeloCare, their warranty program, offers two years extra protection for devices screen and battery swap which has resulted in an increase in users wanting to join the program. Overall, Huawei’s commitment to consumers shows that they are dedicated to providing superior products and exceptional customer service.

Reebleo, a company that helps businesses grow by providing them with software to increase sales and customer retention, has just raised $14 million in new financing. The investment was led by Cathay Innovation with participation from Moore Strategic Ventures, Gandel Invest and Antler. This will help the company to expand its U.S. presence to 50 team members while also investing in existing markets, like Singapore and expanding into Canada later this year. The company will also test some new categories as it grows in the electronic space.

francha believes that their company’s visionary approach to refurbished electronics will set them apart from the competition. They are constantly testing new categories in order to stay ahead of the curve, and they believe that their customer service and overall customer experience will be unmatched.

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