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Roundtable is a startup investment management platform for European startups. It takes care of the administrative, legal and financial processes involved with startup investments from start to finish, making it a valuable resource for investors looking to back innovative businesses in their region. With this latest round of funding, Roundtable hopes to expand its reach further into the European market and help even more startups develop into successful businesses.

While Roundtable is focused on the startup investment space, the idea of group investments is a concept that has been popularized by AngelList Syndicates. Essentially, an angel investor brings an investment opportunity to the platform and other angels can follow the lead angel on a deal-by-deal basis. This model provides more opportunities for deals to be closed as it removes some of the reluctance among angels to invest in new opportunities.

Since the early days of business, entrepreneurs have turned to angel investors to help finance their endeavors. These wealthy individuals provide capital in exchange for a share in the company or, more often now, equity in the venture. Today there are several different platforms where startup investors can connect with promising businesses. Among these are AngelList and Seedrs in the U.S., Odin in the U.K., and Getco and First Round Capital (FROC) in China (although FROC operates as a technology investment firm rather than an investment platform).

There is always a lot of interest in European startups when it comes to fundraising. Roundtable specifically focuses on European startups and works particularly well for startups based in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. When investors want to buy shares in a startup, Roundtable sets up an SPV based in France or Luxembourg that allows the angel who is in charge of the SPV to decide how much carried interest they will allocate from other investors. This can give interested parties more insight into how their money is being invested and make it easier for them to invest given their specific interests.

Roundtable has quickly become a popular platform for vehicle secondary sales. The company charges a 1% commission on the amount raised, with a minimum of €5,000 and maximum of €15,000. There are also some fees involved with secondary sales, but so far Roundtable seems to be off to a good start. Already the platform has handled more than 100 deals worth over €50 million in assets under administration.

Not all angel investors are created equal, and the social features of AngelList make it easier for some of the most influential people in their respective industries to raise money from other influential people. In fact, some of the most active angels on the platform include Roxanne Varza, Pieter-Jan Bouten, Christopher Zemina, Olivier Pailhes and Paul Lê – all leaders in their respective fields. They bring deals and leverage their networks to increase the amounts raised on AngelList (and by extension elsewhere).

Roundtable Investments is an East Coast-based angel group that focuses on early stage investment in technology startups. The group has already invested in several companies, including Space tug startup Launcher and social enterprise giving platform 0x10c. In March of this year, Roundtable Investments led a $6 million round of funding for social network ChatRoulette.

Roundtable is a startup that provides a platform for connecting people with common interests. With this funding round, they’ve combined industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to create an innovative way for professionals to network. This funding not only helps Roundtable continue expanding their services, but also lays the groundwork for future growth opportunities.

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The Roundtable hosts a variety of interesting topics to discuss and debate. Whether discussing current events or lighter topics, the Roundtable is a great place to

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