Sifflet Nabs Funds to Boost its Data Visibility Platform

Organizations that have large amounts of data often struggle to ensure that the data remains high-quality. This is due to the fact that there are many ways for data to become inaccurate and lower in quality. The Great Expectations survey found that 77% of companies have data quality issues and 91% believe that it’s impacting their performance. raising awareness about the importance of maintaining high-quality data can help organizations prevent some of these problems from arising in the first place.

Given the high demand for data observability services, it comes as no surprise that the industry has seen a surge in funding in recent years. In just one week last year, three companies in the space raised more than $400 million. This suggests that there is a lot of interest in this type of technology and that businesses believe it can help them improve their operations.

Looking at the data available, it does not appear that there is an oversaturation of analytics startups in the market. In fact, Sifflet and other startup finalists have managed to secure venture capital funding indicating that there is a lot of interest in data-driven innovation. As more companies adopt best practices for data governance and Operational Analytics, the market for these tools will continue to grow.

Sifflet is a data observability tool that helps users find and fix problems in their data. Salma Bakouk, the founder of Sifflet, was formerly a Goldman Sachs VP in the sales and trading department. She teamed up with software engineers Wissem Fathallah (previously at Uber and Amazon) and Wajdi Fathallah to launch an MVP, which grew into a fully fledged data observability product. By using Sifflet, businesses can identify issues early on so they can fix them before they get out of control.

Sifflet offers businesses a 360-degree view of their data, which can help them build trust in their data and make better decisions. The platform sits above the data stack, providing an overview of all assets and how they are used. This helps business stakeholders to troubleshoot and optimize problems quickly, making sure that the information they rely on is accurate and reliable.

Sifflet is designed to provide companies with a powerful data management solution that automates the detection and resolution of issues with their data. By monitoring data automatically, Sifflet can detect when something goes wrong and take appropriate action, minimizing the risk of lost or corrupted information.

The Sifflet AI-powered root cause analysis platform is designed to make data engineering more efficient and easier. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that help data engineers identify the root causes of reported issues. This allows for faster resolution of problems and increased trust within the data ecosystem.”

By using artificial intelligence, our monitoring engines are able to recognize patterns and anomalies in data sets, making them more able to assess potential threats and protect customers. Our models are regularly re-trained to account for the specific dynamics of customer environments, ensuring that they are as accurate as possible.

Investors clearly believe that Sifflet can compete, as its customer base includes some of the largest brands in France. However, it is difficult to assess the size of this customer base due to Bakouk’s reluctance to disclose this information. It is likely that Sifflet compares favorably against its competition given its focus on data-driven marketing solutions for small businesses.

The successful use of data requires a diverse group of individuals, including both technical experts and non-technical decision-makers. Sifflet’s approach is tailored specifically to meet the needs of this majority, making it an excellent tool for those trying to fight data incidents.

The sad reality is that many organizations suffer from data quality problems, costing them millions of dollars in lost business each year. These issues can range from erroneous entries to incomplete data sets, and left unchecked they can quickly spiral out of control. Data engineers devote two days per week to trying to fix these problems, but it’s clearly not enough – unless companies take steps to address the issue at its source.

Whereas technology trends have been accelerating in the past few years, data adoption appears to be slowing down. This slowdown is actually a great catalyst to data adoption as companies are forced to remove uncertainty from their decision making process. In order for businesses to make smart and efficient choices, they need reliable data that is accurate and up-to-date. Bakouk’s company flourished due to its early adopter mentality and expertise in product vision – both of which gave it a competitive edge over its competitors.

Founded in 2015, Sifflet is a Paris-based software company that specializes in customer service. The company has raised €15 million (~$15.85 million) to date and plans to ramp up its go-to-market efforts in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and the U.S., with the aim of more than doubling its current employee base by the end of 2017. With 28 employees currently on board, Sifflet intends to continue investing in product and engineering as it seeks to create a better customer experience for those who need it most.

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