Secure Web Gateways Get Big Boost with Dope Securitys $16M Funding from GV is a startup that sells secure web gateways, which are designed to help organizations enforce IT policies around Internet usage. The company announced $16 million in funding today to fuel its efforts to create and improve the security features of these gateways.

Dope’s secure web gateway product is designed to offer users a more secure and privacy-friendly way to access theirSWG services, as well as a faster experience. By running on the endpoints of an organization, Dope believes that it makes it easier for users to access their data and services without having to go through the cloud or large on-premise appliances.

Dope has been gaining a lot of traction lately in the cybersecurity world, and with good reason. The company’s platform offers users a convenient way to manage their security on a variety of devices, as well as enhanced features like a “zero trust” layer for organizations that need that extra level of security. With this funding, Dope will be able to continue expanding its product and hiring new employees to help take it even further.

The round of investment marks the latest validation of the company’s innovative approach to search and its leadership in artificial intelligence. With this new funding, SearchPlus will be able to accelerate its growth by expanding into new markets and technologies, while continuing to deliver world-class customer experiences.

Many people who enjoyed playing Star Wars Galaxies loved the idea of having their own home galaxy to explore. Unfortunately, when things went wrong with their account, they often discovered that they couldn’t access the game at all. This was especially frustrating for customers who were relying on the game to help them relax after a long day at work.

One solution to this problem is for companies to bring the security in-house. By having their own secure cloud gateways, they can centrally manage all their traffic and ensure that it always flows smoothly. This not only minimizes the chances of failure, but also ensures that confidential data remains protected no matter where it is stored.

So what does Dope actually do with all that data? The short answer is that it uses it to improve the quality of its service and the overall experience for users. Using the cloud allows Dope to crunch through some 700 terabytes of content to understand threats on the internet, which can then be used by administrators to better understand usage and behavior on their networks.

One of the advantages of Dope over traditional web gateway products is that it not only monitors what people do on the internet, but it also tracks data movement. By doing this, Dope is able to help organizations secure their networks against cyberattacks in a less invasive way than other options out there. has set out to create a modern security platform that is simple to use and easy to buy into. Their team of passionate individuals are well-positioned to bring this innovative approach to life, and we’re excited to support them as they make their mark in the industry.

With Virtual Shield, businesses can secure their networks from unauthorized access while ensuring that critical corporate data remains accessible. The service provides an automated, real-time security monitoring solution to help protect against cyberattacks and other attempts at unauthorized access.

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