Accenture to Cut 19,000 Jobs in 18 Months

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The CEO of TikTok, Evan Spiegel, appeared in front of Congress on Thursday to answer questions about the app and its recent controversy. He addressed concerns about child pornography and other videos that have been uploaded to the app without proper consent from users. Spiegel reassured the lawmakers that TikTok is working hard to take down inappropriate content as quickly as possible.

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  • More layoffs: The layoffs affecting the technology industry are now making their way to the companies that service them. Accenture announced today that it will cut 19,000 jobs, Manish reports. That represents about 2.5% of its global workforce, but an eye-opening figure nonetheless.
  • Do Kwon in custody: It looks like law enforcement caught up with Terra creator Do Kwon, who was reportedly arrested at the Montenegro airport, Jacquelyn writes. You might recall that Kwon has been under investigation in South Korea following the Terra/LUNA collapse, which wiped out about $40 billion from the cryptocurrency market. Despite saying he was cooperating with law enforcement, Kwon’s whereabouts have been unknown since September.
  • An excuse not to go to the mall: DoorDash users can now order from Lush Cosmetics, Victoria’s Secret and Party City. The delivery giant also added some new shopping features, like search optimization. Aisha has more.

Startups and VC

Since joining Google’s robotics division in 2012, Boston Dynamics has suffered from a lack of commercial success. While the company’s highlight reels remain popular on YouTube, they have failed to produce any real-world products. Now, Boston Dynamics is working on a new approach that it hopes will change that – by putting its robots to work in the form of commercialization.

Documentarians in Denmark have teamed up with startup Lun to launch a project that has the potential to help installers across the world decarbonize homes using electric heat pumps. The team is hoping to fast-track this process by starting with heating systems, swapping out boilers for these more environmentally friendly appliances, and educating homeowners on the benefits of using electric heat pumps instead of traditional heating systems.

The use of Robots in the workplace is becoming more common, as they can potentially save companies money. Heat pumps are also becoming more popular, as they can help reduce energy costs. Additionally, five other tech news stories include Facebook’s plans to start selling

4 Indian investors explain how their investment strategy has changed since 2021

pile of Indian coins

The woman seems to be looking for something specific in her handbag as she walks down the busy street. She is balanced and poised, her clothes fitted and professional. It’s easy to see that this woman has experience – and probably a lot of confidence – on her

The global tech downturn has had a major impact on the way Indian investors do their work, with many now relying on data analysis to identify opportunities and solve problems. One investor explained how this change has improved their investment strategy: “Before, we’d just go ahead and put in money without understanding what we were doing. But now we’re more methodical, looking at data and trying to understand what’s going on in the market.”

One startup investor in the region told SFGate that venture capital funding dried up in the second half of 2022, though this is unconfirmed. Regardless, founders should be aware of investment trends and how to reach out to potential investors. One popular tactic for startups is to participate in accelerator or incubation programs that can help get their product or company off the ground. Founders can also reach out directly to individual investors who may be interested in partnering with them on a new business venture.

  • GV Ravishankar, managing director, Sequoia India
  • Ashutosh Sharma, head of India investments, Prosus Ventures
  • Vaibhav Domkundwar, CEO and founder, Better Capital
  • Roopan Aulakh, managing director, Pi Ventures

Developers at Corel have been hard at work recently on a new software development tool that is aiming to streamline the process of creating visual applications. The company has called its new product Corel XD, and it will be available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Corel XD allows

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Big Tech Inc.

TikTok, an online video app owned by Chinese company ByteDance, was thrust into the international spotlight this week after it emerged that one of its latest features allows users to make “evil clowns” and other disturbing videos. Critics say that the app is being used to spread hate and violence, while TikTok officials claim that the clown filters are just for fun. Whether or not a ban on TikTok will happen remains to be seen, but according to some experts, if it does go through it could have serious consequences forboth users and companies like ByteDance.

In their mad dash to find new content, TikTok app developers sometimes forget about the old standby: narratives. Take for example this popular story of a floating androgynous creature that “plays with fire”

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