Rapid Launch Capability Secured by ABL Space Systems for $60M Defense Contract

ABL Space Systems’ new STRATFI financing will help the company prepare for its second launch attempt of its RS1 rocket, which is currently slated for 2020. The $60 million contract will allow ABL to increase its responsive launch capacity to support U.S. government launches andhurricane relief efforts in the future.

ABL, the developer of a new responsive launch system, said that one challenge with responsive space launches is breaking from the assumption of a pre-defined orbit, trajectory, and launch site. In order to make such missions possible on short notice, ABL plans to build new operational capacity for swift launches. This could help spur the development of innovative space travel concepts that are not limited by traditional constraints.

ABL’s new award bolsters its operational flexibility, allowing it to meet rapidly changing customer needs. This award will help the company develop on-call launch capabilities, which will allow it to meet mission-driven payloads, launch sites and targets in a timely manner.

The Space Force is working to expand its TacRS capabilities by partnering with private industry. Under the terms of the agreement, Firefly Space will launch a small satellite with just 24 hours’notice. This could give the Space Force an edge when responding to enemy threats or actions in space.

The setback is not likely to deter ABL from its goal of completing RS1 development and eventually launching it into space. With new funding, the company will be able to make repairs and better understand the cause of the rocket failure in January. This knowledge should help them re-attempt the launch later this year or next year.

Be sure to mark your calendar for ABL’s next launch! The company is eyeing up additional expansion, and has secured dedicated launch space at Launch Complex 15 in Florida. So far, the Space Force has been supportive of ABL’s endeavors, granting the company dedicated launch space as part of its plan to create a national space force. Stay tuned for more information on ABL’s next big event!

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