Shuffles App Unlocks Shopping with Pinterest Partnership

Pinterest is testing ways to integrate Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping. This could be a great way for Pinterest users tocapture their favorite retailers and products in a collage and share them with others on the platform.

The redesigned pins will be able to offer all of the functionality as regular pins, but with additional information about brands, prices, and products similar to what is seen in a collage. This will make it easier for users to find the product they are looking for and speed up the shopping process.

Shuffles, a Pinterest product that allows users to curate fresh and trendy content with their peers, is quickly becoming a popular way to source ideas for products. The high density nature of Shuffles, which can include layers of product cutouts from multiple Pins, allows consumers to dig deeper and also connect with other Shuffles that include the same Pins. As we look ahead to how consumer behavior is evolving, we’re testing ways of integrating Shuffles collage content into Pinterest so that shoppers can explore interesting combinations and ideas more easily.

One way Pinterest is hoping to retain users on its standalone app is by including shopping capabilities. Shuffles, which surged to become the No. 1 lifestyle app in August when it was invite-only, has since declined in popularity. By bringing shopping capabilities to Shuffles, Pinterest may be hoping to keep users engaged with the standalone app instead of migrating over to Amazon’s upcoming PINSY shop platform.

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Pinterest is looking to get more advertisers onto its platform with a new takeover feature called “Pinterest Premiere Spotlight.” The platform hopes that this will give brands a new way to reach users, who are known for pinning interesting things.

As the leading platform for discovering and creating pinboards, Pinterest is looking to help brands connect with shoppers in new and exciting ways. In the coming months, the company plans to offer additional ways to help brands connect with shoppers, including a tool that will allow them to track pins related to their products.

revelations that Pinterest has seen a 66% increase in retailers uploading their digital catalogs to its platform along with 70% growth in active shopping feeds year over year globally suggest that the company’s efforts to become an increasingly essential tool for ecommerce are paying off. While competitors like Amazon continue to grow at a faster rate, Pinterest is positioning itself as the go-to destination for product discovery and recommendation, making it more difficult for storefronts of all sizes to ignore its reach.

Pinterest’s recent focus on shoppable pins has evidently paid off as its platform now boasts 450 million monthly active users, up from 433 million in 2017. The increased engagement can be attributed to Pinterest’s efforts to make pins shoppable, including videos. With this strategy, the company hopes to draw more people onto its platform so they can buy products directly from Pinterest.

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