Global VC Scene Worsens Without Stripe and OpenAI Deals in Q1 2023.

The global venture capital market shrank in Q1 2023, and it would have been even worse if it were not for a few mega deals. This is bad news for founders who are looking to raise money, as there are fewer opportunities available. In the United States, things are looking grim as well; according to Crunchbase and PitchBook reports, the US venture capital market shrunk by 22% in Q1 2023 compared to the same period last year.

Due to the slowdown of startups and venture capitalists, fraudulent deals have started popping up more frequently. In 2014, there were 138 cases of fraud uncovered by SEC investigators; in 2015 that number increased to 214. The majority of these incidents involved investments made in technology startups.

Many venture capitalists believe that the shortage of exit volume is a sign that the market is growing too hot for them and their investments, making it more difficult for them to raise money from investors. They also point out that many fraudulent deals are not discovered until after they have already been executed, so damage has already been done.

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The dip in funding for venture capitalists is a worrying trend, as it suggests that the current startup investing downturn may not turn course anytime soon. This could lead to fewer innovation opportunities and slower growth for startups.

Looking ahead at the potential IPO pipeline, it is clear that a number of startups are lining up to go public in coming months. This is likely due to increased interest from venture capitalists and other financiers, as well as the market stability that has returned since the presidency of Donald Trump. These companies may be some of the first companies to go public during this economic cycle.

Despite some soft indicators in the first quarter, things are looking relatively rosy for the economy as a whole. Certainly, there are plenty of challenges ahead—from increasing trade tensions to an aging population—but the outlook remains positive overall.

Global venture capital is in retreat during Q1 2023

The startup cycle has been traditionally characterized by a number of stages: early-stage, growth-stage, and CRUSHING it stage. The first quarter of this year saw the peak of the growth-stage, with total funding falling to $162 billion from $76 billion a year earlier. However, given that the early 2022 months were not that far from the peak of the last startup cycle, this comparison is somewhat specious.

It seems that the recent decline in venture investment totals is not indicative of any real danger to startups. In fact, total startup investment actually went up by 1% in Q1 2023 compared to Q4 2022, which is more recent data and therefore a more useful comparison. This suggests that there may be a bit of superficial worry about the health of startups simply because venture totals have been declining for several quarters now. However, if this trend continues it’s possible that we could see some realignment in terms of who funds start-ups and where they are focused.

What Gené Teare is saying is that the total dollar amount reported for the first quarter of 2018 was up by $14 million, but that this increase includes a $7 million dollar net decrease in revenue from crypto transactions. Overall, this suggests that crypto-based transactions are still not generating as much money assome analysts had hoped they would.

“a reported $10 billion investment into OpenAI — largely from Microsoft — and a $6.5 billion round for payments giant Stripe. Without those two large deals, Q1 venture funding would have been down even more dramatically, close to $60 billion.”

Assuming that all of the other startups who have raised outside funding in Q1 also get sorted out by their investors, then OpenAI and Stripe’s combined investment amount would put venture capital in Q1 up around $115 billion.

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