Kepler Communications Achieves $92M Series C to Expand Satellite Data Network

Kepler Communications is making significant progress in building out its on-orbit data network, and has closed yet another tranche of capital to continue its mission. By providing reliable and affordable access to space data, Kepler Communications is aiding the industry in increasing efficiency and expanding opportunity.

The new funding will help Kepler’s constellation of optical communications satellites become a significant source of data for researchers and companies alike. With the addition of more satellites, researchers will be able to use the network to build a better understanding of how Earth and other planets interact with their starsystems, while businesses can use it to improve communication distances and speeds.

Kepler plans to use its new optical relay network to connect spacecraft in low Earth orbit and enable real-time data relays between them. This would improve the accuracy of space missions and make it much easier for scientists to access data collected by satellites.

Led by IA Ventures, the latest investment in Kepler gives the Nederland-based startup a fresh injection of funding and support as it looks to continue improving its smart home assistant platform. With over $200 million in total funding, Kepler is one of the most well-funded startups in the smart home space and its products are available on devices such as Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home. The company is currently working on expanding its reach beyond just devices with voice recognition capabilities, aiming to make all sorts of appliances smarter.

According to IA Ventures, the network will provide connectivity between assets in space and Earth, and “someday to Mars and beyond.” The network is advancing rapidly, with exponentially decreasing launch costs making space more accessible than ever. With this newfound access, businesses can better connect with their customers and partners across the globe. While connectivity beyond Earth is still costly, challenging, and inconsistent at times – especially in regards to payments – the potential for a more connected future is exciting indeed.

Kepler is a private company, headquartered in Mountain View, California. It was founded in 2002 by Scott Tingle and Douglas Voorhees. The company develops optical communication technology, primarily using satellites and their own ground stations. Two satellites were launched this year to test and validate this technology – a feat that has never been done before by a private company.

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