Unlocking Educations Potential: Hear ClassDojo and SignalFire on TechCrunch Live

In order to make ClassDojo a success, Sam Chaudhary made sure to take his time building the company. Eight years of meticulous work culminated in the launch of a formal revenue model in 2017 – all while pursuing his larger mission: become the go-to source for children’s education. This focus on quality has won over some of Silicon Valley’s most elite investors and helped ClassDojo skyrocket to popularity, with close to 5 million users worldwide. Whether it’s providing resources for teachers or partnering with brands like Lego and Nickelodeon, ClassDojo is always looking out for ways to help kids learn and have fun.

Chaudhary has played the long game in edtech and is seeing significant results. With over $200 million in venture capital and its eyes on hitting $100 million in annual recurring revenue, ClassDojo has a lot of opportunity ahead of it. Chaudhary would do some things differently if he was starting all over again, such as landing investor patience during a post-pandemic landscape. ClassDojo’s success shows that there is still significant opportunity for edtech companies to grow and thrive in the years to come.

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SignalFire is a venture firm that invests in early-stage companies that are using machine learning to create new products or services. Farmer led General Catalyst’s seed program, helping land deals in Coinbase, Discord, and Stripe. He will talk about how SignalFire invests in companies that aren’t rushing to monetize their products or services and the importance of market competition.

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