Apples Lockdown Mode Successfully Protects Against NSO Hacker Attack: An Analysis by Citizen Lab

Today, a bipartisan group of senators introduced the Defending U.S. Government Communications Act of 2018, which would create a new commission to explore ways to protect federal information networks from cyberattacks. The act would also require agencies to develop procedures for sharing threat information and for notifying private companies when their networks are targeted by foreign actors.

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Christine and Haje are both avid travelers, always looking for a new adventure to take on. One summer, they were walking through the French countryside when

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  • You got blocked: Sometimes technology does what it’s supposed to. In Apple’s case, researchers looking into spyware vulnerabilities said its “Lockdown Mode” was able to thwart the advances of the infamous mercenary hacking provider NSO Group. Lorenzo has more. Also, Apple opens its first retail store in India, but there are…challenges, Manish writes.
  • Don’t forget your boarding pass: Alaska Airlines is doing away with check-in kiosks in favor of a more modern look to its gate area. Fliers will need to print boarding passes at home or check in using their smartphones, Frederic reports.
  • Truth seeker: Elon Musk wants to develop his own chatbot called TruthGPT, which he describes as “a maximum truth-seeking AI,” reports Ivan.

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Mansa is a new Black-focused streaming service that offers curated content from a variety of sources. Mansa promises that its content will be interesting and engaging, and its wide selection of options makes it an appealing choice for cultural aficionados.

Apparently, these tasty morsels are the creation of a chef who is looking to add some new flavor profiles to his repertoire. Whether this is because he lacks imagination or simply doesn’t have enough options for traditional flavors, we can only speculate. Regardless, the results are fantastic and something that everyone


In today’s competitive business landscape, it is essential for organizations to maintain a high level of customer retention. SaaS companies are commonly evaluated based on their ability to retain customers relative to their industry peers, but retention benchmarks can vary greatly across businesses. To

Since leaky rowboats can only hold a certain amount of water, it is important for the companies who own them to make sure that their retention rates are high enough to prevent them from sinking. SaaS companies face higher churn rates than traditional software companies, so it is crucial that they create an onboarding experience that keeps customers happy and engaged. If retention rates drop too low, the company will find itself struggling against the ever-rising tide of customer exodus.

The finding of ChartMogul’s research suggests that many SaaS businesses are struggling to retain their customers, which could result in lowered revenue and profitability in 2022. This could be a possible sign of trouble ahead for these companies, and shareholders may want to keep an eye on performance in this area in order to make the right decisions.

The study found that the net revenue retention rate for companies that have not yet hit product-market fit is significantly lower than those companies who have already attained this point. Benchmarking data indicates that the retention rate for companies in the ARR range of $2-10 million is 63%. This compares to a 97% retention rate for companies with an ARR of over $10 million. Therefore, it appears that increasing net revenue beyond a certain threshold does not necessarily correlate with increased customer satisfaction and retained earnings.

Net retention rates vary greatly depending on the stage of a business’s development. During the early stages, businesses should aim for a net retention rate of around 75%. As a business grows and becomes more established, however, its net retention rate can be higher, as customers want to keep their relationships with the company long-term.

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Big Tech Inc.

What Darrell is getting at with this article is that Adobe’s new AI-powered features are going to make it much easier for people across all industries to edit videos and photos. As the fat middle of the bell curve starts to disappear, it means that a lot of skilled professionals who rely on multimedia editing will be out of a job in the near future. So while we may celebrate this trend as ultimately good for us, it’s clear that people who are best equipped to utilize these new technologies will be in high demand.

Sarah’s discovery that Prime Video has a new feature that makes dialogue easier to hear is exciting because it allows people with hearing disabilities to fully enjoy television shows and movies. With this new feature, those who are unable to watch television without subtitles will be able to follow the plot more easily and understand what is being said. Prime Video’s decision to add this accessibility feature demonstrates their commitment to inclusive programming for all customers, no matter their abilities.

In the late 1800s, people starting moving away from strictly Religious communities in search of more liberal practices. These loosely affiliated movements came to be known as ‘the commun

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