Startup Challenges Status Quo: Leveraging Remote Work for Disruptive Innovation in Emerging Markets

So what’s the answer? How can technology disrupt the global management consulting industry? One potential answer is through artificial intelligence (AI). With AI, firms could automate many tasks currently done by consultants, such as data entry and analysis. In addition, AI could help firms better understand their customers by automatically collecting customer feedback. Recent technological advances have made it possible for consulting firms to use AI in a variety of ways to improve their services. While it’s still early days for this disruptive technology, there’s no doubt that it has the potential to transform the management consulting industry

With over 1.3 billion people, India is one of the world’s most populous nations. In addition, Indian businesses are some of the most innovative and productive in the world. Indeed, many startups in YC’s partner network are based in India and benefit from its strong entrepreneurial culture and infrastructure.

YC partners with leading Indian companies like Infosys, Wipro, and Tata Consultancy Services to help them scale their businesses internationally. These companies not only provide valuable technical expertise but also offer operational know-how that can be extremely helpful when expanding into new markets. In addition to back-office work and research

Intellia is a startup that offers innovative technology solutions for the transportation industry. Intellia has raised $1.5m in funding so far, and its investors include Fatima Gobi Ventures and angels including Gokul Rajaram (DoorDash board member), Mudassar Sheikha (Careem founder) and the former Global CFO of PepsiCo and two managing partners of large consulting firms. Intellia’s technology solutions bridge the gap betweenlogistics providers and consumers, giving consumers more control over their transportation choices while providing logistics providers with new ways to improve efficiency and meet customer needs.

Another perk of the pandemic has been the advent of remote working. With people commuting less, telecommuting more and technology allowing for a level of communication previously unheard of, emerging markets have seen an increase in their ability to participate in high value roles in finance, strategy and public policy. This makes them a valuable resource for companies looking to tap into new markets or hire talent from areas not typically available.

Intellia is a company that is looking to establish itself in the emerging markets. One of the ways that it plans to do this is by using technology to help with project delivery. In 2020, it will be launching a service called Intellia Strategy and Finance Consultants, which will provide financial and strategic consulting services to businesses in these markets. This platform will use artificial intelligence (AI) to help vet projects and make sure they are appropriate for these regions.

Walkable cities are becoming more important as the world’s population urbanizes. Uber hopes that its on-demand, remote analysts (from countries such as Colombia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates) can play a role in helping companies move toward walkable cities. This is especially important in developing countries, where infrastructure is often less developed and walking is a more natural way to get around. By being able to deploy its analysts quickly and at reduced cost, Uber hopes to make it easier for companies to embrace urban planning initiatives that are critical for enhancing quality of life and reducing health risks.

Saad Raja’s Intellia believes that there is a need for a third option in the market for hiring remote talent – one that is closer to the model of software engineering and design. By bringing on vetted and trained emerging markets professionals, Intellia is aiming to fill this gap in the market.

Intellia analysts use their years of experience and cutting-edge analysis to provide businesses with the best advice possible. With experience in product launches, as well as market entry projects for Michelin-star restaurants in Europe, Intellia has the skills necessary to help businesses succeed.

“Intellia plans to use its AI capabilities to help the company become more sustainable, vocational training programs for workers, and innovative ways of marketing products. The company also wants to promote diversity within its workforce, emphasizing that half of their analysts are female.”

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