Paramount Sues Warner Bros. Discovery for Unpaid South Park Streaming Rights: $52M At Stake

Paramount filed a countersuit against Warner Bros. Discovery on Monday, alleging that the company is attempting to take advantage of its “South Park” streaming rights in order to increase its own profits. In particular, Paramount argues that Warner Bros. Discovery is trying to unfairly increase the price it is asking for additional seasons of “South Park” by including standalone episodes with new content instead of simply using the existing seasons as part of a package deal.

It is unknown why Paramount has decided to escalation these payments, as their previously agreed upon terms state that the two payments are required in order for WBD to continue using the Paramount name and logo. If this situation cannot be resolved soon, it may lead to legal proceedings between the two companies.

According to the countersuit, WarnerMedia has not adhered to the terms of the written Term Sheet, which requires them to pay tens of millions of dollars in license fees owed to South Park Studios for the right to exploit that content. In response, South Park Studios is now filing a suit against WarnerMedia. This lawsuit could result in WarnerMedia paying up what they owe, or potentially giving South Park Studios more control over how their content is used.

The counterclaim argues that the 318 “South Park” episodes streaming on HBO Max should be considered the equivalent of paying the $50,000 in unpaid fees. The counterclaim further argues that since HBO waived its fee, Cartman deserves to be paid in full for all of his work on the show.

Many fans of South Park take great pride in knowing every episode by heart. For some, the sheer volume of content makes watching the show an addicting experience. But for creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, their work is just one chapter in a much longer story. The over 300 episodes are from seasons 1 through 26 and are available on HBO Max along with ‘6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park,’ which Paramount mentioned in the document. These documentaries give fans a deeper insight into how each episode is created, as well as providing some never-before-seen footage and behind-the-scenes insights into what goes into making one of Comedy Central’s most popular series.

According to WarnerMedia, South Park Studios has not fulfilled its obligations in the Term Sheet, which led to its decision to withhold payment. WarnerMedia has accused South Park Studios of failing to create quality content and meet key performance indicators, both of which it believes compromised their obligations.

In agreeing to pay $500 million for streaming rights to the 23 seasons of the animated sitcom, WBD showed its commitment to not only its existing fans, but also those that may have never experienced the show before. The deal is set to last through June 2025 and will give new viewers plenty of opportunities to catch up on one of TV’s most beloved comedies.

The lawsuit alleges that Paramount breached the deal by stealing content from HBO Max to put on its own streaming service, Paramount+. The new “South Park” specials should’ve streamed on HBO Max, but apparently Paramount decided to release them separately instead.

In 2021, Paramount’s MTV Studios made a major deal with “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This agreement includes six seasons of the show as well as fourteen movies that will stream exclusively on Paramount+. This deal is worth an astounding $900 million, showing just how popular the show is still throughout the years.

The South Park Digital Studios union has come out with a statement accusing Paramount and South Park Digital of knowingly breaking their contract. The statement alleges that the two companies engaged in a scheme of unfair trade practices and deception, flagrantly and repeatedly breaching the terms of their agreement.

According to the statement released by Paramount, Warner Bros. Discovery’s assertion that it was obligated to provide additional South Park content is baseless and does not justify WBD’s refusal to pay for the valuable content. The parties’ agreement clearly states that only South Park productions from Paramount – not any other production company – may be shown onw WB channels, and WBD has profited from this arrangement since its inception.

Groundbreaking technology that allows Paramount to shuttle people to other dimensions has come under attack by rival studios.

WBD contends that it was misled by Paramount when it agreed to purchase the “South Park” streaming rights. Specifically, WBD claims that it was promised that there would be 10 episodes per season, but only six episodes have been delivered thus far. Therefore, WBD has filed a lawsuit against Paramount in an attempt to receive the remaining four episodes and collect damages for a broken contract.

The lawsuit alleges that WBD was overpaying for streaming rights to older episodes of the show, while paying more for new episodes. This has resulted in damages being tallied up to over $200 million.

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