As someone who has worked in the startup space for a few years now, I can attest that fundraising is incredibly important. It’s the lifeblood of any startup, and without it there’s no way to keep going.

Many people think that raising money is easy, but it definitely isn’t. It takes perseverance and dedication to reach your fundraising goal, and many startups don’t make it far without help from enthusiastic investors.

Wallace recommends breaking the money-asking process into three stages:

1) Pre-Founder. Founders should not ask anyone for money before they’ve built something of value and demonstrated their potential as an entrepreneur. This will help to avoid any appearance of asking for charity, which can devalue a founder’s product or service.

2) Early stage investors. After founders have created something that is valuable and worth investing in, they should go out and seekVC or angel investment from individuals or companies who share their vision and are excited about their

If a business has negative unit economics, then it may be better to instead raise a round to rev up engineering, sales and marketing in an attempt to make the company more profitable.

One of the most exciting features of the Nintendo Switch is its built-in amiibo functionality. By tapping compatible figures on the console’s screen, players can unlock new content or bonuses for their games. This allows fans to really immerse themselves in the game worlds they love by using legacy figures from past games and bringing them into new ones.

In order for a company to achieve scale, it often needs to find ways to decrease its costs. This can be done through various means, such as maintaining efficient operations and reducing expenses. However, most of the time what stands between a company and its ability to achieve scale is not a lack of money; it is a lack of the right resources.

People problems are rampant in businesses, especially startups. Many entrepreneurs believe that they need to focus on the product or the process instead of taking care of their employees. However, neglecting people can have disastrous consequences – something many businesses seem to be unaware of. A study by Forbes showed that companies with high employee engagement outperform their competitors by 20%. This is attributable to three factors: happy, engaged employees create a positive work environment, they’re more productive and advocate for change, and lastly they’re less likely to leave

An entrepreneur’s key concern when seeking new capital is figuring out which costs are actually underlying their losses. Focusing on identifying the true drivers of expenses can help a company avoid making unnecessary or costly changes, saving them time and money in the long run.

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Software investors must (re)learn these 3 ideas before getting into deep tech

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Christian Sturzenegger is a Swiss photographer who has been received worldwide acclaim for his portraits of eclectic personalities. He has worked with many notable figures, including Yoko Ono and Angela Merkel. Sturzenegger’s unique and striking style has earned him numerous awards, including the World Press Photo Award twice.

The proliferation of online investment tools and platforms has made it easier than ever for both accredited and amateur investors to get involved in the technology scene. While this has been a net positive for the industry, it has also led to an increase in low-margin, speculative investments. Many of the biggest tech companies today were born from ideas that went nowhere because investors were unable to move forward and invest in the next big thing: deep tech. This cycle may be leading to some stagnation in our industry, but at least we’re seeing a lot more innovation happening thanks to broader pools of capital.

VCs have traditionally been very bullish on venture capital investments in deep tech, assuming that the companies and their underlying technologies will grow rapidly and become major players in the market. However, this mindset may need to be recalibrated when it comes to these types of investments given the slow growth seen in many of these sectors over the past few years. This means that traditional VCs must adjust their expectations and approach these type of deals differently, perhaps looking for faster-growing companies with a more proven track record rather than those with novel technology solutions.

In the world of deep tech, founder-first is simply not the best approach. The focus should instead be on developing and nurturing a strong team of engineers and scientists.

There is a reason that companies who rely on magical thinking to create their business strategy are doomed to fail. They are not able to see the big picture, and instead focus on what is easy and convenient for them. In the case of Microsoft, this type of thinking led them to develop their now-defunct software playbook. This plan was designed to make it

Blank Street cracked the code on making coffee shops attractive to VC

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In many cultures, it is considered bad luck to speak ill of the dead. This holds true even in cases where the deceased has done terrible things to others

One of the major criticisms against investing in physical businesses is that they are inherently more risky than technology startups. For example, a physical business could suffer a flat tire or have its health inspection fail, which would sour the public on it and cause its traffic to dwindle. By contrast, technology startups can easily switch to another platform if their original one fails, or hire new staff should an issue arise. Because of this riskiness factor, many tech investors prefer to back SaaS companies instead.

Today, most successful businesses are built on a network of connected people and resources. When it comes to coffee shops, that network can be made up of entrepreneurs who own and operate the shops themselves, as well as partner cafes that supply the shops with beans and other espresso-related supplies.

In order to attract venture capitalists (VCs), Blank Street—a startup that claims to have cracked the code on how to make a chain of more than 65 physical coffee shops profitable—agrees that each shop must have specific metrics in place. These metrics may include daily transactions (ie: how many cups are sold per day), average check size, number of repeat customers, or percentage

Whether it is due to decreased interest from potential investors, or some unforeseen event causing a sharp decrease in revenue, companies with low overhead costs are finding fundraising more difficult than ever. For instance, data-tracking software company Cloudera closed on a $20 million Series B round last month amidst a year where fundraising has taken a nosedive — even for companies with low overhead costs. Overall, the number of venture capital deals reached its lowest point since 2012 in the first quarter of this year. Yet despite this setback, some impressive startups like FanDuel

Ask Sophie: Can I launch a startup if I’m in the US on a student visa?

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Is it time for your company to take advantage of virtual reality? Virtual reality technology has the potential to revolutionize how people experience products and services. By immersing customers in a new world,


It is really exciting to grow up. I never imagined that life would be

I am so excited to be accepted to an American university as my first choice! I have been considering this school for months and am so grateful that theyviewed my application favorably. This will allow me to explore all of the immense opportunities America has to offer and I can’t wait to start my undergraduate career here.

I have always been interested in starting my own business, and I am determined to make my dream a reality. To get started, I need to find the right opportunity and do some research. Once I have a firm idea of what I want to do and where to look, it will be easy to start building my business. There are many resources available online and in libraries, so I am confident that with hard work and determination, my dream can come true!

As a forward-looking founder, I understand the importance of innovation and being constantly creative in order to stay ahead of the curve. That’s why I’m

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