Enter Raises Funding to Unlock Home Energy Efficiency Across Germany & Beyond

The growth of tech startups looking at home energy management is a promising sign that the public is beginning to address the issue of energy costs and security. The problem, however, is capitalizing on this trend. Home energy management can be expensive and consumers are often unaware of how much power they consume or how to save money on their energy bill. There needs to be a way for people to identify their homes’ needs and access affordable financing options so that they can make necessary changes without breaking the bank.

The Sealed purchase of InfiSense is a move designed to help the company become even more effective in deploying energy-saving measures for its client base. By acquiring the sensor startup, Sealed will be able to monitor and optimize energy utilization in homes across New York State. This data will be crucial in helping clients save money on their electric bills, as well as reduce carbon emissions from their homes.

Germany’s Baupal, a startup that provides construction services, has raised €19.4 million in Series A financing round led by venture capitalists Target Global, Foundamental and Partech. The company is competing with the likes of Homejoy and TaskRabbit in the burgeoning on-demand construction market.

Would you like help to reduce your energy bills? Our team can assess the energy status of your property and provide suggestions on how to reduce your outgoings. We can also take care of the appropriate subsidy applications for any renovations that are required.

Enter is a Munich-based startup that has developed a new way to certify energy efficiency in properties. The company uses cutting-edge technology to assess properties in minutes, instead of the traditional 200,000 per year. This allows for faster and more effective climate change mitigation, and could help Germany meet its climate goals much faster than expected.

The majority of homeowners surveyed said they were worried about the affordability of making energy-efficient renovations, hence why this is offered as part of the home upgrading service. However, with advances in technology and a decrease in energy prices, many homeowners are now able to make these enhancements without much difficulty. In fact, according to some experts, many more homeowners will be able to take advantage of these improvements in the coming years as energy costs continue to decline.

Enter is a young but highly innovative startup which has attracted some high profile backers, including venture capitalists (VCs) and business angels. The company’s focus on providing online tools to help businesses save money and improve their efficiency is commendable, and it looks like it has a bright future ahead.

With the help of their digital twin, homeowners can get a better understanding of how to save energy in their home. Max Schroeren and his team use data collection and analysis to create an accurate representation of the energy-saving potential of a house. Once the information is accurate, they visit the property with an energy consultant to verify results and add more data points if necessary. this process allows homeowners to improve their homes without lifting a finger!

The European Private Investments team of Coatue sees the potential in Enter’s platform, as it helps consumers take control of their home energy footprint and improve efficiency in order to reduce climate impact. This is an important trend as the movement towards “energy sovereignty” accelerates across Europe, shifting away from reliance on centralized energy providers.

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