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Cybersecurity sales and developer content marketing often work together in tandem, as developers need to be aware of hacker threats in order to construct secure applications. But what can cybersecurity salespeople do to ensure that their content marketing efforts aren’t falling short? By understanding their audience and catering content specifically to them, they can create a more effective outreach strategy.

Bridging the gap between cybersecurity vendors and buyers

Chief information security officers (CISOs) face a challenge when it comes to communicating with corporate boards. As security practitioners start reporting to these entities, they need to shift their mindset from purely technical concerns, such as data protection and malware protections, to more business-focused topics such as understanding the organization’s risk posture and implementing measures that will reduce vulnerabilities.

CISOs know that their organizations are at risk from cyberattacks and are looking for ways to increase their cybersecurity defenses. Woolf’s podcast,, helps vendors learn more about what CISOs want from cybersecurity products, which can ensure that they are providing the best possible defense against attacks. By understanding the needs of CISOs, vendors can create products that meet those needs and protect their businesses.

Obviously, the market for cybersecurity products has been volatile and sluggish in recent years. Many vendors have been struggling to adapt to buyers’ new mindset, which stresses simplicity over added complexity. In fact, Steve Woolf believes that the trend will continue even after the market rebounds. Vendors need to focus on providing easy-to-use solutions without sacrificing security features.

A single technology investment can have a major impact on the future of your business. If you’re lucky, that technology choice also happens to be aligned with your company’s core values and goals. However, if you’re not careful, picking the wrong technology can doom your company’s future.

That’s why it important for businesses to integrate their existing tech stack with the new tool they plan to deploy. By doing so, buyers can ensure that the new tool is a good fit for their organization and doesn’t undermine their current operations.

Understanding CISOs

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