Taking Identity Into Account: Index Ventures and Persona Breakdown the Art of Identifying a Good Deal

Although identity management has always been important, recent advancements have made it even more essential in the age of the internet. Identity fundamentally underpins how we engage with the digital world, and identity services can take on many forms (and, unfortunately, abuses). Rick Song and his team at Persona believe that there is a big opportunity in this space to provide users with a better experience by creating mobile-friendly and secure identities that are easy to use. By hosting this TechGround Live event with Rick Song, attendees will be able to learn about how Persona is working to fill this need and benefit from its innovative approach.

Hoping to gain a better understanding of how virtual reality will be used in the future, attendees at this TechGround Live event can expect to ask questions and network with one another. The event takes place on Wednesday, May 10, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. PDT. Register here for Hopin access, where viewers can ask their questions and learn more about the upcoming technology.

In March 2010, Index Ventures’ Mark Goldberg backed Persona during its Series B fundraising round and helped the company secure $30 million in capital. Two years later, Persona announced it had secured a $50 million Series C funding round. Goldberg’s prescience in spotting and investing in the company paid off handsomely, as Persona went on to become one of Japan’s leading social networking platforms.

Rick Song and Charles Yeh have built Persona into one of the leading identity verification platforms on the market, thanks to their unrelenting focus on consumer welfare. In late 2022, the company introduced new services that expanded beyond simply verifying an individual’s identity. These included a risk assessment engine, an identity workflow tool, a graph database aimed at link analysis and fraud detection, and a marketplace for external developers to help connect their business tools to Persona’s identity tools. This expansion clearly demonstrates that Song and Yeh are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that benefit not only their users but also the entire ecosystem of businesses in which they operate.

If you’re looking to build a valuable service that keeps your users safe, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Rick and Mark from TechGround Live will be providing actionable insights on how companies can better protect their users, and how founders of such services can stand out among their competitors. Register now for this informative event, and don’t miss out on some invaluable knowledge!

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