Amazon Launches Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Services Exclusively for Fire TV

Amazon is doubling down on its free, ad-supported content with Fire TV Channels. The new experience will be available on Fire TV devices this week and will be constantly updated throughout the day. It will be integrated into several areas across the Fire TV interface, including on Home Screen rows, within the “Free” tab, and in category-specific pages devoted to certain genres. This is a victory for Amazon in an industry that has been dominated by Netflix for many years now.

Fire TV builds on the success of its predecessor by including a wider variety of content, including channels from NHL, Xbox, TMZ, and Tastemade Travel. The set top box can also be customized to better fit the needs of each individual user with a selection of included FAST channels as well as a new Travel category upcoming with content from Condé Nast Traveler.

The increasing demand for free streaming content has prompted Amazon to update their Fire TV product line with a new feature that allows customers to watch streaming content without having to pay for it. The updated Fire TV now offers “Cloud-Based Storage” which allows users to cache streamed content so that it can be accessed offline. With this new feature, customers no longer have to worry about running out of storage space on their device or being forced into buying an unnecessary subscription service.

Fire TV users are evidently enjoying the recently-introduced Fast Content, which is apparently being surfaced in a topical way to help keep users engaged. This content has seen significant growth in terms of hours streamed since its inception six months ago, proving that it is effective for Fire TV customers.

And for another, customers are using FAST channels as their one-stop-shop for watching videos, with the company seeing significant viewership growth in areas such as news and sports. In the upcoming 2018 fiscal year, FAST is projecting that its total viewership will surpass 300 million hours – up from 260 million hours last year.

The update to the Fire TV interface is designed to make it easier for users to find content that interests them. This includes bringing all new and existing FAST content together in an updated experience, providing access to a variety of categories like news, sports, food and cooking, music videos, trailers, gaming videos, comedy and more.

Whether it’s the latest global crisis or a local news story in your community, Newsstand offers you access to both national and local news coverage to keep you informed and ahead of the curve.

Amazon is adding more categories to its Fire TV “Free” tab, letting consumers access content from a variety of genres and interests. This new feature makes it easier for consumers to find the shows and movies they want, without having to navigate through a complicated streaming service menu.

Freevee and Fire TV Channels offer FAST channels of their own, but are available on other platforms as well. This way, users can have the best of both worlds: a channel that’s conveniently accessible on their Fire TV, and one that is also available elsewhere.

With Amazon’s DSP, advertisers can now target the Fire TV customer base more effectively. This gives Amazon a larger advertising platform to sell its FAST channel ad space, which is generally targeted towards Prime subscribers and younger families.

Since its inception in 2014, Amazon’s Fire TV platform has become a popular choice for streaming devices. Amazon’s ad-supported streaming solutions now reach an average of 155 million unduplicated monthly viewers, or 6 out of 10 adults in the U.S. This success is likely due to the company’sbuilt-in capabilities and extensive app selection. Customers can access personalized recommendations and content while avoiding ads that compete with their own viewing habits.

“At Amazon, we believe there’s room for more than one TV ecosystem. We work with automotive clients to run native ads on Fire TV and Fire tablets that lead to an 11% lift in brand awareness and a 14% increase in purchase intent. Plus, citing Nielsen data, Amazon said 72% of its streaming TV viewers are not watching linear TV. Our belief is that by giving our customers access to the best possible content from top content providers, they will naturally migrate towards a streaming-only experience. And that’s what we continue to build – a world-class television experience for everyone.

In recent years, streaming services like Amazon and Roku have started to offer faster channels that allow for more uninterrupted live TV. These channels are called ‘FAST’ channels and today there are over 350 of them on Roku alone. Some major streaming providers, including Google TV and YouTube, have also been experimenting with FAST channels. Plex, Warner Bros. Discovery, Tubi, and Sling TV are a few examples of players in this market who are looking to differentiate themselves from the rest.

The Fire TV experience is being revamped this week with the launch of new content tiles and an always-on Fire TV Channels destination. The FAST categories will be brought together later this summer with the launch of an all-inclusive Fire TV channels destination. With this new update, customers can access a wealth of content without ever leaving the comfort of their couch.

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