• Network effects: Your product becomes more valuable as more people use it.
  • Embedding: Integrate your services so deeply, customers “cannot rip them out.”
  • Data loops: Gather, process and act on real-time data.

Hidden in plain sight: 5 red flags for investors

Concept of risk and hazards associated with uncovered electrical outlets with a sharp metal object that could be inserted and cause a shock.

Are you spending too much on paid acquisition?

US paper currency, shoved in to the drain of a wet sink

Generative AI and copyright law: What’s the future for intellectual property?

Close up of justice scales icon on screen

How to find the right investors for your startup

Image of jellybeans under a magnifying glass surrounded by peas to represent regulatory scrutiny.

Western sanctions against Russia: Tips for tech companies managing compliance risk

Global economic isolation of Russia. Sanctions concept.
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