If your company needs a huge amount of infrastructure right at the beginning (say, you’re training the next large language model), it might make sense to buy hardware instead. Generally, the early days of companies are filled with experimentation, and the flexibility that clouds provide is a massive benefit in those days.

  • Tobi Knaup, founder CEO, D2iQ
  • Mang-Git Ng, founder and CEO, Anvil
  • Joe Mainwaring, director of Infrastructure, WorkTango
  • Vikas Bhatia, co-founder, CEO and chief risk officer, JustProtect
  • Satyen Sangani, co-founder and CEO, Alation
  • Steve Mullaney, president and CEO, Aviatrix
  • Ed Thompson, CTO, Matillion
  • Adrian Estala, VP, field CDO, Starburst
  • Shane Buckley, president and CEO, Gigamon
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