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  • Mission delays for Boeing, Rocket Lab
  • News from SpaceX and more
Monochrome image on left and hyperspectral image on right of a satellite view of mountains.

More news from TG+ and beyond

  • Axiom Space’s second private mission to the International Space Station concluded with a successful splashdown late on May 30. (TechGround)
  • China aims to land taikonauts on the moon before 2030. Meanwhile, the country is also at work developing its answer to Starlink. (SpaceNews/SpaceNews)
  • The European Space Agency is inviting commercial companies to submit proposals for cargo transportation services to and from the ISS. (ESA)
  • Hubble Network raised $20 million to build out its satellite network that any Bluetooth-enabled device will be able to connect to. (TechGround)
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg conducted a full-duration hot fire test of its upper stage for 280 seconds, a first for an EU-based company. (RFA)
  • Rocket Lab’s private mission to Venus has slipped to January 2025 after the company missed the launch window last month. (TechGround)
  • Sierra Space powered up its Dream Chaser spaceplane for the first time. (Sierra Space)
  • SpaceX’s role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is not over yet, with the Pentagon ordering more Starlink terminals to go to Ukrainian troops. (TechGround)
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