Building more diversity at TechGround Disrupt 2023

TechGround Include program eligibility

  • Founders with disabilities
  • Founders who are active military or veterans
  • Founders who are minorities
  • Founders who identify as women
  • Founders who are LGBTQ+
  • Founders who are age 65 and over
  • All three days of Disrupt
  • Exclusive investor and founder networking/lounge
  • VC office hours
  • VC roundtables
  • 1:1 networking event app
  • Curated content on all stages and breakouts
  • The exhibition floor
  • Small group roundtables
  • Networking events and parties
  • Session recordings and transcripts
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Zara Khan

Zara Khan is a seasoned investigative journalist with a focus on social justice issues. She has won numerous awards for her groundbreaking reporting and has a reputation for fearlessly exposing wrongdoing.

Articles: 829

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