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It’s been a bumpy 6 months for edtech — are smoother roads ahead?

Pencil Sharpener Sharpening Pencils with Pencil Shavings on Solid Blue Colored Background.

Early-stage SaaS startups grow the same with or without VC dollars

Ask Sophie: How realistic are my chances of hiring H-1B candidates at my startup?

lone figure at entrance to maze hedge that has an American flag at the center

Startups with all-women founding teams raised just $1.4B in H1

Woman walking while looking at falling pink bricks

Fintech valuations have fallen. Where do they go from here?

Dominoes in a circle, one falling
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Zara Khan

Zara Khan is a seasoned investigative journalist with a focus on social justice issues. She has won numerous awards for her groundbreaking reporting and has a reputation for fearlessly exposing wrongdoing.

Articles: 829

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